Monday, September 05, 2005

MS and a 15 quid burger

I went to the 10th anniversary birthday bash for the Jooly's Joint website for people with multiple sclerosis. Had a good night and am still slightly hungover now. Met lots of interesting people.

There were reportedly around 300 at the event in Birmingham compered by TV's Iain Lee whose mum has MS, she was there too.

I felt a little bit guilty actually. I'm blind and stick out like a sore thumb with guide dog n'all. I don't have MS. Most people in the room DID have MS. I was worried everyone might be looking at me and thinking: "oh jesus, is that what could happen to me?" Could I have been their worst possible prognosis?

Bumped into Paul who created the Netguide website. He was cool ... but also really rather drunk. I was interested to se whether or not I could make him fall over so bought him a round ... which turned into several. We left the bar at around 3:15 after having congratulated Julie (or Jooly) for her amazing aptitude for innuendo that she displayed in her emotional 'thank you for coming' speech ... which had some nob gags in it. Nice one Julie, impressive night, impressive work.

Got back to my room and realised I was going to have a monumental hangover if I didn't do something about it. So I took paracetamol, started to drink glass after glass of water ... and called Room Service to get hold of some alcoholic sponge ... i.e. food ... to quell the next day's headache illness.

It arrived in the form of a burger and chips for 14.95 pounds (approx 25 dollars for you yanks who I know will have no idea of foreign goings-on). Yes possibly the most expensive burger I'd ever bought (well it was the Hilton Metropol) but I really think it helped.

Woke at 8. Got up and had the 'hangover challenge' massive breakfast I'd planned. I managed to eat it without hurling so figured the train ride home would be OK too.

Got home at 3:15 and pretty much slept the rest of the day before going to bed to sleep more.


Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell notes with interest that the humdrum life of a disability website editor would appear to be not wholly without its compensations....

She would venture to hope that the money she carefully sets aside to pay her TV licence has not been misdirected into funding your hangover cure, though.

The Goldfish said...

No need to feel guilty, Damon; there's no way that a blindie walking round with a stick is going to be a person with MS's worst possible prognosis. Now, had this been a Star Trek Convention, you might have had to wear a T-shirt saying, "This had nothing to do with Captain Janeway."

I only hope that after such liquid indulgence that your taste-buds were able to appreciate all fifteen pounds worth of burger and that you are now fully recovered from the aftermath.

Katie said...

Such is the life as a website editor!

You big party animal Damon!
I never knew you had it in you, to go out and get plastered!

Hope you have fully recovered and are now able to complete normal tasks in your job.

Don't worry about that you felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb, you didn't appear differently to me when we met in White City reception!

Katie said...

You were better than that!

Josh said...

Two quick comments. First, your point is well-taken about Americans being oblivious to the goings on of the rest of the world. I'm an American and am much rather the exception that proves the rule. I'm a blindee planning to relocate to the UK sooner or later. Second, thanks for all the laughs and entertaining reads on this blog and via the audio shows on BlindKiss. My entire life rather abruptly fel apart last week and the afore mentioned projects of yours have been keeping my spirits up. Thank you.

Damon said...

Thanks josh, appreciated. Hope your life is getting back together a little bit now.

Katie: Wot you talking about dearie, course I stick out like a sore thumb! A big huge red glowing one with bandages wrapped round it! Oh and a nail thru it.

Goldfish: I don't have a stick

Damon said...

Lady B: If I thought for one second I'd get away with charging room service to the BBC, I would have had more than a burger! :)

The Goldfish said...

My apologies on the stick issue - I should have had that pretty well etched into my mind by now. Sorry Damon.

Erin said...

Don't feel too bad Damon about getting an overpriced burger. You can get a burger at Denny's for $35, and if you finish it, you win $350.
If course, the burger weighs 15.5 pounds.. or 7kg, for those "royale with cheese" metric system folks.

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