Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kids questions in 2013

Last weekend I was sitting down to lunch with my children and my mum and dad who were staying with us for a few nights. 

Suddenly my 5 year old piped up:  "Daddy, can boys marry each other?@ 

I realised that in times gone by the table would have perhaps chuckled at his childhood innocence and lack of knowledge about sexual politics. But, what with it being 2013 and the fact that a gay marriage act was passed a few months ago, it was an entirely different situation. 

In fact, the situation became all the more unusual as I thought it out. Before answering I had a horrible feeling my parents might either laugh, say no, or something generational ... if you know what I mean. They're not homophobes but, ya know, different era stuff. 

But my parents said nothing, allowing me to jump in with a rather satisfying: @Yes Charlie, they can.@ 

Felt rather nice ... and he didn't question it or think it unuusual. We all carried on with our meal.