Friday, September 16, 2005

Dog gone

I've just got home to an empty house. My PA arrived at 8:30 and we grabbed my guide dog Liam and took him down to the vet. I signed the consent form and later today he'll be having a general anaesthetic and a bit of teeth-descaling as well as the removal of a small wart-like lump that has been growing on his neck over the past few months.

Poor little fella. Felt really bad leaving him there. Still, I'm not the type to get all silly over dogs and it'll hopefully be good for him. Can't help but remember all the operations and general aneasthetics I had to bear as a child though. Ick. But this time ... it was me signing the form.

Minor stuff as I say ... though I think they'll be testing the lump at the lab afterwards. Depends what the vet thinks.

Am to call after 3pm to see if he's OK to come home.

Meantime ... while the cat's away, the mice can play ... I've laid out all my food on the floor and all my black clothes ... just because I can. Um, no I haven't.

6 days til Sky+ day ... and rather belatedly have just discovered that the latest Alex Rider book is available on unabridged audio! Yip yo! yes i know it's a kids book.


w1ld child said...

Sorry to hear about the lump. Regards his teeth is not anything on the market you can feed him that will do the job just as well? Yes I know stupid question.

Damon said...

Teeth ... well there's dog toothpaste but he's 7 and they tend to need a bit of a descale at some point. I have some chicken flavoured toothpaste for him ... doesn't smell much of chicken though.

Luke said...

AR = a kids book that is fab. Like Spooks but cooler.

Best wishes to your dog :)

Charlesdawson said...

I know how you feel. I'm on holiday and I keep worrying about my cats, despite the fact that the last thing Pudding did was sick up a hairball, just before I left. A touching gesture, but misplaced. Hope the fella is OK.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Best of luck with your doggie :)

Not sure if they have them in the UK, but I sometimes give my dog Dentabones that are also supposed to help with tartar build up.....and smell nice and minty, not like poopy chicken paste :P

Katie said...

Poor Liam, eh Damon! Hope he gets better soon, and I send you and him my best wishes.

I thought meeting you and Liam was great and Liam was sweet looking at me with his lovely great big eyes! Aww!

Hope all goes well for him and hope that you are alright too, my friend.

Katie :-\

The Goldfish said...

All the best to Liam for a fast and full recovery. Especially after I recently described him as a stick.

I like the idea of chicken flavoured tootpaste. I do get bored of peppermint twice a day, every day of the year so I might well try that for a change.

Damon said...

Goldfish ... the big selling factor of dog toothpaste is that it doesn't froth up. That's the point else there would be a horrid mess ;) Why does human toothpaste froth up, again?

Julia! said...

As a former wage slave in a pet superstore, let me tell you that dog toothbrushing is a thankless task.

I remember chicken flavour toothpaste, think we had liver flavour, too. The horrible bit? The finger-toothbrushes - little things that looked like thimbles, and you were apparently supposed to rub your finger round the dog's mouth with it. We'd do it for the owners for a fee. Thankfully that was never my job. The thing is, if the toothpaste tastes like chicken or liver, the dog will want to eat it and will interpret your prying finger as a nuisance waiting to be bitten.

One of our top-selling items was a chew bone called Greenies - kind of minty, supposed to be good for the dogs' teeth, and they are pretty much indestructable. I second Gimpy Mumpy's recommendation of the Dentabone, too.

Katie said...

I agree with the last comment there Damon!

I used to work on a small pet farm that had a cat survival trust for big wild cats at the back, and we sold animal food and I can remember dog owners always buying Dentabones in our shop, I always had to bag them up and they would fly off the shelves because dog owners loved them.