Saturday, September 17, 2005

How best to deal with annoying neighbours? (or: blogging = therapy)

[I've deleted this entire post / whinge. I suddenly got a pang of guilt and earthliness ... and didn't like the idea that I'd sent lots of bad vibes and karma out into the universe. So it's gone. If you're expecting me to sign off with 'light and love' you're mistaken, I'm not a spiritualist just someone who suffers great deals of guilt, anxiety and "why do we have to be so shit to each other" stuff.]


Lisy said...

My upstairs neighbour likes to watch porn. Loudly. Early in the morning.

Lady Bracknell said...

It is a sad reflection of modern property prices that so many members of the magnificent blogging community have no choice but to live in unpleasantly close proximity to persons with whom they would not voluntarily share a post code.

Lady Bracknell could go on at length about the appalling behaviour of her own closest neighbour, but this would be excessively dull; the details would beggar belief; and it would be stealing Mr Rose's thunder.

One thing Lady Bracknell will confess. Her neighbour seems to be genetically incapable of closing doors quietly, with the result that Lady Bracknell is subjected to the noise and vibration of slamming doors many times a day. To relieve her feelings, she used to be in the habit of shouting, "Door!" every time this happened. That, however, was not half so much fun as the alternative which a gentleman friend suggested.

Mr Rose may wish to follow Lady Bracknell's example, and shout, "Whore!" when he is woken by the door slamming at 6 a.m.

Katie said...

Oh, neighbours can be annoying, can't they?! I don't have problems with my neighbour but my aunt shows signs that she never listens half the time and always talks incessantly about people I've never heard of!!!! Arrgh! It makes me mad but my family and I put up with it because we love her dearly.

Glad to hear that Liam is fine, was worried for you and him friday night!
What did they discover it was that was making him unwell, Damon?

Julia! said...

Lisy, I think I can beat that in the disgusting stakes, but in a different way. I had neighbours who, instead of washing their dirty dishes, would leave them in the corridor floor. When I asked them why they were inviting rats and roaches into the building by stacking up food scraps like that, I received the response, "We figured someone will do the dishes for us if we leave them here long enough."

And when in my first year of university my neighbour would persist in having loud sex in the middle of the day, I entertained the idea of slipping a photo of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney under his door to kill the mood. But I never had the guts.

Katie said...

That's okay damon! You probably didn't want to have the post there in case your neighbour found it out somehow.

Hey, Don't worry about your feelings of guilt, anxiety, and "the why do we have to talk shit to each other" Factor, Us humans always have those feelings.

We would be totally different if we didn't express those feelings.

It shows that you are a typical human Damon!

I express feelings of guilt, anxiety all the time. I even feel like I want to scream when people misjudge what I've said and take it the wrong way, for example take my family, that's how I am viewed to them sometimes!
Well what can you do about that when you have a car mad father who takes his hobbies seriously(too seriously in my view), sisters that are in different places all the time.

red said...

Dude your so not serious, although i get the good vibes, bad vibes stuff. My neighbour is and was a total twat, but she's as relevant as a spec of dust.