Sunday, September 25, 2005

Little and Large, sang.

I note that Sid Little from Little & Large is on Five's late night reality programme 'trust me I'm a holiday rep' that I can't be arsed to link to. Dreadful.

Got me thinking about Little and Large and how, as a kid, I used to think they were great!

Then I remembered them being on Top of the Pops. Do you remember they had two singles that were hits?

1: Rocksteady

2: Around the old camp fire

Rocksteady whenver you're ready,
wiggle your hips now,
all you gotta do now,
come on honey,
don't wanna be funny,
just walk around with your fingers in the air
going doo dee doo, di di di di dee doo. ????

And the other:

Around the old camp fire
where the mushrooms used to go
and our muscles used to show
around the old camp fire
on those happy happy hazy saturdays ???

Well the lyrics were something like that anyway, I don't hold with googling for everything because it takes all the fun out of remembering things.

TV trivia quiz (no google):

Q: What was the name of Gonch's mate in Grange Hill.


Lady Bracknell said...

Mr Rose,

Lady Bracknell is still reeling from being treated to a medley of The Wurzels' greatest hit by her gardeners last weekend.

The last thing she needed was to be reminded of Little and Large's foray into the hit parade.

marmiteboy said...

Thankfully I have no memory of this. Psychiatrists are of the belief that the truely traumatic events of ones childhood are blocked out as we get older.

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Cor, you're going back a bit aren't you? I remember Rocksteady n Top of the pops(oops!, I'm showing my age!!) Ha! Ha!
I can't remember Gonch's mate from grange Hill but I think it must have been the geordie one played by George Christopher! That used to be a favourite programme of mine, thanks for the memories, Damon, my friend!

Oh god! i am really showing my age!!!!!!

Lady Bracknell said...

"Gonch's mate" may or may not have been played by George Christopher. However, having partaken of light refreshments in Mr Christopher's house, Lady Bracknell has no hesitation whatsoever in correcting Miss Katie's assertion that he is a Geordie. He is, in point of fact, a Scouser.

James Medhurst said...

Gonch's mate in Grange Hill was Hollo Holloway - no Google required.