Sunday, September 25, 2005

Moody bastard

Yes I am the kind of person who can pause and rewind live TV ... for I have Sky+ ... and it's fantastic.

What do you mean you don't have Sky+ ? Unbelievable. Don't think I've watched a live tv show since I got it! No more am I a slave to the schedulers ... and I've always got something interesting to watch rather than just turning on TV and watching what's on at the time. I urge you to get it or get a Freeview personal video recorder like the 179 quid one from Fusion.

Went out to an engagement party thingy at a smart pub in Islington last night. V nice. The toilets smelt of cough syrup. Being a blindie I'm afraid I can't comment on the decor so, there you have it, I've reported back on the most remarkable sensory experience I had. The tapas snacks wer rather nice too including the biggest juiciest garlic infused olives ever! Delish. Got home, had a pizza ... dog threw up.

Liam hurled up undigested dog biscuit right by the back door. It was vile. I cleared it up and detoxed the area. Went to bed.

Woke at 10am to discover he'd been sick again ... all down the carpeted hallway. Sick in about 5 different places ... yes, lumpy sick with undigested dog biscuit again ... but this time with a slight porridgeyness about it. Washed and detoxed. Vile. Marvellously I then watched the Sunday AM programme off my Sky+ ... did I tell you I've got Sky+? Tony weasely Blair weaseled his way on and off the screen ... Andrew Marr didn't push him all that much.

So today I've been lying on the couch, not moving my foot, feeling really moody and fed up ... while watching about 7 episodes of South Park that I'd hoovered up off the tv ether onto my, um, Sky+ box. Yes.


Charlesdawson said...

Damon, much as I like dogs, that is really rather more information than I needed. You've been reading too much Goldfish. Any more of this and I'll join in with a description of my litter tray rounds.

Katie said...

What a strange time you had, Damon!

Such is the life of a householder though, isn't it, to find you come back from a night out and yor animal's been sick in the house.Poor old Liam though! hope everyhting has calmed down after the night!

BloggingMone said...

Is there any kind of reliable research on the subject of how sky+ is influencing the personality of its owners? I am just wondering....
(hope you'll notice the slight tense of envy!)
Is Liam back to normal?

melbamae said...

Sorry to hear Liam was feeling so poorly and that you had to clear up the aftermath.

Cherries are what you need to get rid of your gout problem. Fresh if you can get them (unlikely this time of year), but canned will do. According to an old doctor of mine cherries contain some ingredient that break down the crystals that cause gout.

Glad that you're enjoying Sky+. It does have many wonderful features, but I refuse to give that scum sucking Rupert Murdoch one single penny if I can avoid it.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Judge had to brag a bit, but Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be in my home town this week!
I plan to get lots of pics of Ty and the gang with my camera phone.