Monday, August 22, 2005

Foreskin restoration

I need to share something. I'm going to share with you one of my most favourite websites on the whole of the internet.

It's a diary with pictures. But it's more than a diary. It's a perfect piece of human agony of a kind I had never even imagined.

American males are routinely circumcised at birth. it seems that in recent years some have come to see this as a kind of mutilation. hence a whole new phenomenon has kicked off ... the practice of trying to regrow a foreskin by prolonged stretching of the remaining penis skin over time.

I have to admit to fair nearly wetting myself with laughter when I first read this for which I feel a big sense of shame now. I think.

So here we go ... a two year diary detailing (with pictures: soft and erect) the most beautifully innocent website EVER. This guy badly wants a foreskin. And ya know what, I really feel for him. I've not read it for a while but I came across it in my favourites this evening and, as I say, really felt I had to share.

Foreskin restoration diary

I'd love to know what you think. I've got a funny feeling this might just be a bloke thing. If you're anything like me you'll be reading it and testing it for irony ... and discovering none. As an 'intact' man I winced quite a bit reading it too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fizzy soda drinks ...

Lilt, we have discussed, is bloody awful and taste of cheese. it's a given.

I quite like Sprite Light ... tho why they didn't call it Sprite Lite for continuity purposes I shall never never know. Never.

Dunno why I'm talking about these things as my favourite drink - and far more healthy - goes like this:

Ingredients: Some sparkling mineral water and a carton of apple juice (not from concentrate)


• Get a pint glass

• Half fill with apple juice
• top up with sparkling mineral water

... that's it.

In germany they call it an Apfel Shorla ... well that's what it sounds like, spellings could be a bit awry here. Basically it means 'Apple Spritza'.

It's delicious, it's the best way to drink apple juice, it's got vitamins in it too.


On a recent trip to my local corner shop I saw a new looking kind of drink in there. It was called 'coconut water'. I imagined fresh sparkling water with a hint of coconut ... just like when they give you coconut on the beach in Italy.

What it actually tasted like was some weirdly milky sweet drink with a vague synthetic coconut flavour to it. NEVER drink it. I think it was from the sub continent.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Eugene to win Big Brother

I have voted for Eugene to win 3 times now. What a lovely bloke! So sweet and thoughtful.

In a funny kind of way he's got me thinking about myself and whether or not I am boring and/or a geek.

If you watch Big Brother you'll be aware that they regularly cut back to Eugene in the middle of - what is deliberately edited to look like - a geeky speech. They make it look as if he is boring and goes on about things a bit too much: radio transmitters, politics, language, minutiae. The housemates are never seen to be interacting and sit back and just let him go on. As I say, it is implied by the editing that he is dull and geeky ... tho his sweetness still shines through.

As I say, it's got me thinking about myself. I often suddenly launch into analytical speech like Eugene does. I do because I am interested in things. When people start a conversation I join in and take it to the next level which, inevitably, involves a little more analysis and intelligent thought.

Eugene is intelligent. Clearly. Are we at a stage now where we surpress intelligence? And thought? And analysis? And anything deeper than a puddle?

I sometimes find myself apologising for having a passion about certain subjects, for bringing to a conversation something a little more, a little deeper.

Is intelligence and thinking now out of fashion? I'm aware that in black male youth culture, intelligence is NOT COOL. This is what I hear. Hence younger black males, including all the societal factors, aren't helping themselves very much.

So, when speaking, should I "refuse to diminish my character"? (a Craig from BB quote) Or should I tailor my thoughts down a bit.

Do you like how I've framed an argument surrounding society and intelligence purely in terms of Big Brother - often thought to be one of the least intelligent shows on TV?

But is it? I'm not sure. I'm losing focus.

Does anyone anywhere know what I'm going on about today?

Diet Lilt tastes like cheese

... to be honest I don't really have much to add to the title here. It just does.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Thursday

Police presence in London is high today with over 6,000 officers patrolling the underground I think I heard the newsreader say earlier, many of them armed. But as someone said the other day, if the tube is out-of-bounds for terrorists, then they'll find other targets. That said, I'm not expecting an attack today or even soon (aside: have you seen that fantastic al-Qaeda programme on BBC2 monday nights with Peter Taylor?)

Fave coffee from Starbucks at the moment is the Peppermint Mocca. I urge you all to try it. Starbucks may be a multinational but at least it doesn't mass farm animals.