Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If you were to ask me ...

... what programme I'll be watching on Thursday night, say ... well ... you might hear me say something like: "well you know, I don't watch LIVE TV any more, I'm not that kind of person." "No longer am I a slave to the TV schedulers."

And then you might hear me say something like: "Oh yes, I have Sky+, you can touch me if you like." ... something like that. Yeah, that kind of thing. That'll be me.


Kay Richardson said...

I bet it'll be on Channel 5, whatever it is. And slightly pornographic.

Little White Smurf said...

I bet you will be watching sky news? That doesn't work with sky plus though does it, what would be the point of watching old news!!!

BloggingMone said...

I was a bit hesitant to post this comment because possible readers might think I am the most stupid person on earth. But anyway: WHAT is Sky+ and WHAT is so special about it? Note that I am not an "anti-sky+" in disguise, I REALLY do not know... Google came up with about a million entries but wasn't very useful either. Help!

Damon said...

Ahh, well, remember that we were all impressed when video recorders were invented? Well, this is like the next step up.

Sky+ is what they call a PVR: Personal Video Recorder. Basically it's an ordinary Sky set-top box but it's got a hard disk inside it, just like a computer.

You can go thru the menus and just click a programme you want it to record. It can even record 2 different things on 2 different channels at the same time.... while you're watching a third TV show that you might have recorded the night before, for example.

It also enables you to pause and rewind live TV. So if you're watching EastEnders and the phone rings ... just hit pause and after say 10 minutes when your phone call has ended, you can hit pause again and finish watching EastEnders at the point you paused it at. So it means you'll be watching BBC1 with a ten minute time delay.

What else. Well, for instance, if you are following Lost or desperate Housewives for instance, you can click on 'series link' so that Sky+ remembers to record the whole series so that you don't miss a second of it.

There are other features, I think, but that's about it. No tapes or disks necessary and it records up to 40 hours with their new boxes (PVR3, code name)

HeehehCool, huh?

You can buy nonFreeview versions though, there's a good one from Fusion for about 179 quid one off payment. Sky+ has a monthly subscription fee too because it's a little bit more intelligent as you can just click the programme on the EPG, the Fusion box makes you tap in start and end times like old fashioned videos. But still cool and very similar.

jfsouthpaw said...

Damon, if you find a good way to record things from Sky+ (without taking up space in the Sky box memory) let me know. Mine's been full of last season's See Hear shows for so long...and I know the minute I delete them I'll want to watch them again for some reason. So there they sit.

BloggingMone said...

Damon, thanks for updating me with the latest technical development! Sounds phantastic! Especially the pause function when the phone rings is something I would like very much. I don't know why, but there very second I have made myself comfortable in front of the telly (coffee, snacks, etc.) the phone rings. I am probably sending out strange vibrations to the world outside, saying:"Please, please...distrub me now!! There is no better moment to do so!"
The other features sound great as well. My video recorder is the only known device in the world that did not survive the millenium change. It thinks we are living in the year 1905 now and therefore refuses getting programmed...sigh!
I am living in Germany, which - if it comes to television technology - is like living on the moon or even slightly beyond. I have never heard of anything like sky+ here and if it exists it does not seem to be promoted very much.
By the way: if a monthly subscribtion fee enhances the intelligence of technical devices I would be more than happe to pay such a fee for my computer!