Friday, September 09, 2005

Japan by book

I want to go to Japan. Anyone wanna come with me?

Am currently reading Mo Hayder's Tokyo. Loving it.


Lady Bracknell said...

One of Lady Bracknell's close associates has a daughter who, after studying Japanese at university, moved there and married an indigenous gentleman. Although the marriage was sadly of short duration, the young lady lives and works there still.

Lady Bracknell could perhaps arrange an electronic introduction for you, if that would suit your purpose?

Rosa Benito said...
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Property Investment said...
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Katie said...

Japan sounds nice Damon. I'll come with you!!!!

Methinks I need a break from work!

I'll go and pack my suitcase then!!!!!

Katie said...

By the way Damon sweetie, to stop getting spam in your blog honey, turn on your word verification feature in your settings/comments part of your dashboard, that should relive you of any unwelcome spam messages. Word Verification when a comment is made, somebody immediately tpes in a sequence of characters to stop spam from entering.
Hope this helps Damon!

Katie said...

Oh yeah! very funny, love the comment you made about that you do stick out like a sore thumb. You don't Damon, you're a great person! I know you tell me not to put myself down so now I am saying it to you!!!!!

Your jokes are mad!!!!
Miss our chats about disability issues, BTW and your great humour of things!!!!

Alice said...

I'd so love to go back there. I got to stay for a bit back in the 80's and loved it, even though I had to deal with being in the Navy when I wasn't playing tourist.

One of the things that struck me about there was how accessible it was even in the early 80's. But I bet reading Japanese braille would be a bitch.

Gomen nasai.

Damon said...

Katie, cut the honey sweetie stuf! I'm not sweet ... are you flirting with me?? ;)

Hope you don't mind me saying this being as I don't really know you ... but ... are you sure you have learning difficulties? I know it's a funny and complex old thing but hey look at your advice on me getting rid of spam on this blog ... you must've really thoroughly gone thru blogger and sussed it out. Maybe you could set up my next website for me ;)

Oh and I do, I do, I flipping do stick out like a flipping sore thumb! Course I do! Doesn't mean I'm a bad person, no (though I am), but I do stick out like a sore thumb!!!!!!!! I just do! I know I do ... and people tell me all the time that passers-by stare at me.

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Don't worry I am not flirting with you, I use lots of terms like that, it's just me, so don't worry about it or take it badly!

As for wondering if I have learning difficulties I do but have a mild learning disability and I was born like it and have a hidden disability too.

Don't take what I say badly Damon , I don't mean it!
I think you're a great person and if other people stare at you then they obviously have a problem with differences!
You do a lot of great work for Ouch and all readers including me are thakful for you making a great website for us to read!
I don't know about setting up your next website but I could be persuaded! I'm good at researching stuff and have excellent typing skills too! Even my Dad says that he needs my help because I'm good.