Friday, July 29, 2005

Craig love

OH my god. Did you see Big Brother last night? Un-be-flipping-lieveable.

The bloke is one of the most emotionally imature 19 year olds I've ever ever seen. He's astonishing. Even when I was at the height of my hormonal ill-informed teens (14?) I could never have stooped so low as to kiss and fondle someone I fancied when they were spark out pissed. "I'm going to look after you Anthony, your best friend in the whole of the house is going to look after you".

He's tragically smitten, he's desperate, he's imature, he has no shame ... but my god he's got a lot of feelings! I hav never come across anyone like Craig, not as full-on as this. And the tragic thing is that I'm sure he's not putting it on for the cameras. He's one confused bunny.

Ya see, this is where I still attempt to argue that Big Brother is anthropology and has scientific significance.

How will he be treated when he leaves? I don't think people will boo, surely? But I don't think they'll cheer. He's disturbing. And I am absolutely gripped which makes me feel a bit bad but it's total car crash unmissable tv.

If you've not seen Craig, go to the Big Brother website (UK). There may be a free video clip or two to watch, too.

SO much going on in London today ... police activity right near here. Now all 4 of the failed 21/7 (like that?) bombers are reportedly possibly maybe behind bars - if proven guilty. Yet I choose to major on Craig?

I'm actually mor gripped and anxious and intellectually stimulated by the bombings news which I've had on TV on my desk this afternoon (I'm at my desk now waiting for a cab). Being a news junnkie and all that.

I heard a fantastic commenttator on Radio Five Live the other day about how the environment, the climate and terrorism are linked. I just hadn't made the link before and feel stupid that I hadn't.

Ooh cab has arrived and I'm off ...


Katie said...

Hi damon, I saw what happened with Anthony and Craig, It was maddening wasn't it? Craig was like a man possessed, and if Anthony went, Craig got all upset and angry with him, he didn't even let Ant go in the Diary room on his own! Naturally, I shouted at the TV to beg Craig to let Ant go!
I reckon you should snap him up quick Damon, and have an interview on Ouch when he comes out!
But afterwards I was too busy engrossed in the children's classic Box of Delights that I bought on DVD that day! The title music still haunts me! Oh joy!

James Medhurst said...

Big Brother as anthropology? - I agree. I wonder how someone from the Amazonian rainforest would interpret Craig's behaviour and what it says about our culture.

Katie said...

Hi Damon, How did you think Big Brother was over the weekend?
I thought Craig was great but can't believe he has made himself feel good in a male way(if you know what I mean!). Ewww.. It should be done privately, not in front of TV cameras!
How's Liam? Hope everything is okay with you? Have you thought anymore about the idea I gave to you in an email of a group?

Luke said...

Is it just me, or is the whole world OBSESSED!

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