Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Terror attack

I was coming in to work early in my cab this morning when LBC announced there had been some kind of explosion heard at Liverpool Street station. Little was made of it. The subsequent travel news revealed that London was in a bit of a state this morning anyway: lots of tube and rail closures / delays.

I got into work and put the TV on. Suddenly it all began to unfold. At first we were told that there had been a power surge in the tube system - however at the same time we were hearing stories from passengers that they'd seen flashes, they came out of the underground with soot all over them etc.

Even now at 1:32pm I'm a bit confused about it all. IT's bene a confusing day. I have been quite shaken sitting here watching the TV on my desk as the happenings rolled out. The bus bomb made it plain this was a terrorist attack happening not just some power outage incident that had blown up.

This will read weirdly if you read this after the the event and know all the details. But, even now, we don't know how many are dead (2 or 3 at the moment but likely to be more we hear) and I'm going to have real difficulty getting home. All cabs are going to be stuffed.

Oh Huw Edwards is telling me The Queen has released a statement: she's shocked and other stuff.

The whole tube system is shut down. The buses are now also completely closed down I believe ... though at first it was just in zone one (central) I hear it may have extended.

Oooh I wonder if peple will have to pay the congestion charge today? I betcha Nick Ferari will probably start blathering on about that tomorrow morning.

I'm feeling a little less shaken now and have lots of forms to fill in so I'd better get down to it. Laters. All I know and my loved ones are all safe.


KJ McLean said...

I'm glad you're okay. Before reading your blog, I'd practically elegized you on mine.

Agent Fang said...

Glad you're ok

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Glad to know you're fine, Have been thinking about you all day mate! Was worried senseless case you were caught in it, but thankfully not. Are you back at home?

I feel terrible about it, even my sister Sophie thought I was caught in them.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Glad to hear you and your loved ones have come through the attacks unscathed.
Still quite stunned and worried a bit for family that I have not heard from yet. Reports still coming in with updates of the growing injury and death toll. Staggering.

Eliza said...

Been thinking about you - glad to hear you're okay (and that some of my other peeps are "checked in" here as well).

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Hope you're ok after today, I've been writing about today too, have a look on my blog.