Monday, July 11, 2005

I've got some beansprouts and I'm gonna use 'em

... or I might.

I have two bags of beansprouts in my freezer. They are frozen. Solid state.

I love beansprouts.

I haven't ever frozen them before though. So what I need to know is ... when I defrost them, are they gonna be moosh?

This bothers me and I am abstaining from beansprouts until I have a satisfactory answer or guess.


The Goldfish said...

If they were frozen fresh, and so long as you cook them quickly (i.e stir-fry) then they should be fine. Bon Appetite!

Gimpy Mumpy said...

I agree, if they are mung bean sprouts and are going to be cooked they should be o.k. :)

Katie said...

Hi Damon, What a strange post but one of life's great mysteries that we all do1
I think the beansprouts will be fine that's if they haven't been frozen for months in there. Put them in a microwave on defrost and they're lovely in a sweet and sour chicken meal, That's what I think!
Are you a good cook then, friend? You're making me a meal then! Ha! Ha!

Damon said...

Well, here's my findings:

My plan was to use them cold in a salad. Had I stir-fried them I'm sure they would have been ok ... but my intention was to have them raw after frozen. They lost their crispyness and freshness and were a little chewier than they should have been.

I'm into the Thai at the moment ... it's my week off and new foods are high on the agenda. Have been to Wing Yip again too.