Monday, July 04, 2005

Friends Reunited and fuzzy feelings

A couple of days ago I logged on to Friends Reunited for the first time in about two years. I discovered two email messages waiting for me there on the site. One was from a pal who I last saw about ten years ago in Worcester. Fantastic, am really looking forward to meeting up with him.

The other, very much out of the blue and very much appreciated, was from a former teacher of mine from when I was an 8-year-old at primary school.

I'm going to reproduce the message below but will change her name for privacy reasons:

This might come as a surprise. Does the name Mrs.Lamb ring any bells?
I'm actually Alma Dawlish now. My first husband died back in 1988 and I remarried and returned to live in the N.East of England where I was actually born
and bred. I expect you noticed my geordie accent. I now live near Durham. I'm retired and married to Anthony. We enjoy life by travelling,
walking, visiting our 5 children and various grandchildren. We read a lot, go to concerts. Anthony writes and paints and we are still waiting for the masterpiece
that will make us rich.

Damon, I followed your wave of publicity with interest and with a certain amount of pride. You were a great kid when I knew you and somehow I knew you would
never fit into any kind of mould.

I'd love to hear from you if you have a minute to spare.

Kindest regards,
Alma Dawlish.

Wow! Isn't that the most fantastic of emails to receive? I was so chuffed! A real blast from the past.

And so children, in conclusion, communications via the internet can also be as positive as they are negative (guess what I'm referring to).

I have now replied to my former teacher and am dying to hear back from her. The big worry here though is that she actually sent it last February, 2004. I only got it recently because I received an email from Friends Reunited saying: "we have two messages for you." Well dang me, I didn't even realise they stored messages on the site. I swear they didn't used to. Now it seems that the site has a kind of in-built email systeym.

Hands up who else would like to receive an email from the past like that? it makes you feel all warm, innit. I hope she's OK 18 months later and doesn't think I didn't want to mail back because I'm too big for all that now, or something. I'd hate to think she thought that.

Course, it now means I have a subscription to Friends Reunited and I wonder if I should start contacting old friends now? Scary!


Katie said...

Hi Damon, That email you recieved from your old teacher sounded really good, hope she writes back to you sometime. I think it wuold be brilliant if people wrote back to me from the past, I used to enjoy recieving emails from Master Scarlet!, but I don't get mail from him now and I enjoyed haering how he was! Have you checked my blog as there's something about friends on there, Tell your excellent blog mates too!

still life said...

I love receiving a "hello" from people with whom I've lost touch. You're right...fuzzy feelings and they linger for awhile.

Trog said...

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