Monday, July 04, 2005

A situation I'm unaware of ....

My neighbours have started acting a little weirdly towards me. Quite aggressive and rude. I feel rather bullied, to be honest. It's really unpleasant, un-called-for and just not in the spirit of neighbourlyness. I am genuinely mystified as to why their aggression has suddenly run away with them ... I'm not aware I've been a bad neighbour and it is kind of upsetting.

For the first time in my life I've not felt good and safe at home. Not nice.

But, thanks to a lesson I learned from Mr Hawkus, I won't be talking about real life people on the web. Here endeth this one other than to acknowledge I'm rather depressed by this occurrence and sudden display of unpleasantness. I'm very approachable so when they decide to tell me what's going on in their heads that'd be nice.

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Agent Fang said...

We found out a little while ago that some of our nice neighbours had mistaken the noise from our neighbours from hell next door as our noise - which explained an odd sort of reserve we'd been picking up from them. If they were alright with you before why not ask them if everything's ok? Maybe it's their 'stuff', not yours...?