Sunday, July 24, 2005

BB's Craig and Damon on LBC ...

This is a good positive non bombings related post. In fact it is deliberately trivial.

I just want to voice that I am utterly gripped and fascinated by Craig on Big Brother at the moment. My God. I've just watched him this evening.His relationship with Anthony - or lack of - is so hideously watchable. Carcrash TV and no mistaking.

I do rather a good impression of Craig now actually, having honed it for 8 weeks. If enough people ask, I can in fact post an audio file of me being Craig ... so the ball is in your court.

Classic Craig phrases include:

"Don't cross me, you don't know what I'm capable of ..."


"Anthony, can I control you tonight? I am going to control you, you have to do everything I say. You know why don't you Anthony?"

... and other generalised weirdness.

Fascinating because Craig is such an unusual character (that was me being nice) but I do feel quite awkward sometimes because we are watching this young bloke exploring his own sexuality so very publically ... he should talk to the BB psychologist I think.

And the other thing is ...

I called up LBC last Friday night. I can't remember the last time I called up a phone-in show. I was on air around 11:10pm on Iain Lee's show.

He was talking about tv nostalgia and wanted to know if anyone remembered the Munch Bunch cartoon and theme tune. Ahem. I called in and sang it to London, it seems. Why was I moved to do this? Possibly because I was up late waiting to leave the house to pick up my copy of Harry Potter at midnight.

I paint an attractive and impressive figure of myself here don't I?


Katie said...

Hi Damon, I have been watching Craig too and love him too, The way he is with Anthony is very funny, They always seem to argue with each other and then make up somehow. It's great TV!

Probably your mind told you to ring the radio show but everyone does it sometimes in their lives to ring up,I did a radio show once when I did a play in my local area and that was more scary than phoning a radio show.
Oh, Don't forget to email me about your opinion of my idea Damon.

Agent Fang said...

Yes, PLEASE, do post an audio file of you being Craig. I loved the 'Poo Island' story.

I can't help thinking Craig's sexuality is something more complex than simply fancying men/Anthony - he once said to someone he was a woman trapped in a man's body. The more I watch him the more I think this might not have been a joke. I don't particularly like him - his persona seems contrived. His one-liners have an awkward quality I can't quite put my finger on. I don't much like Anthony either, but even he doesn't deserve to be groomed by Craig on national television! Mark my words, Craig is a groomer, and a sinister one at that.