Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Thursday

Police presence in London is high today with over 6,000 officers patrolling the underground I think I heard the newsreader say earlier, many of them armed. But as someone said the other day, if the tube is out-of-bounds for terrorists, then they'll find other targets. That said, I'm not expecting an attack today or even soon (aside: have you seen that fantastic al-Qaeda programme on BBC2 monday nights with Peter Taylor?)

Fave coffee from Starbucks at the moment is the Peppermint Mocca. I urge you all to try it. Starbucks may be a multinational but at least it doesn't mass farm animals.

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Katie said...

Hi Damon, Glad to know you're back on the blogosphere, Great post!

It's good that police are patrolling the underground, that will keep all of us British people safe, but do they need 6,000?
I have tried the peppermint mocha, it's a great hot drink isn't it?, I love Starbucks and their coffees, have you tried their caramel waffle thingys that you put on top of your hot drinks? The squidgy caramel inside is heavenly! If I see you again we will have to definately go to Starbucks!