Monday, March 28, 2005

Frozen Banana

Wow! Great tip here.

Fancy some ice cream? Frightened of the calorific hell and guilt? Well here's my big tip ... (like you've not already seen the title of this entry)

Freeze a banana. Eat it. It's nature's own Ben and Jerry's. Rather delicious and very very similar to ice cream. Sadly it comes in just one flavour.

Tip: don't freeze it in it's skin, unzip it, stick it in a freezer bag or tub ... then come back to it two hours later. Skin doesn't ruin it, it's just you've got to wait for it to thaw out a little (hence allowing your ICB to get warmer) before you can unzip and schnarf.

Oh, ICB = Ice Cream Banana. IB may be better as there's no craem involved here at all.

What an invention!


Tilly said...

Hi Damon

I'm such a dozy cow - i only just noticed your comment on my blog entry on the Mercury Rev gig - what a show! I have just had a quick look at the last two entries on your blog and was overjoyed(!) to read 2 posts on 2 of my favourite subjects - high calorific food and SUBTERRANEAN CITIES! I have added Do Your Worst to my favourites and I will read your past posts and suggested links. Take care! x

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