Friday, March 25, 2005

The American Office

I hear that the US version of hit British comedy The Office [UK] aired last night on NBC. I read some of the reviews yesterday and it seems most of the journalists hated it. It'll be interesting to see what the viewing figures are.

I did a bit of a Technorati search and discovered a few peple talking about it already. The majority talking about it had already seen the British version, so, in that classic 'it's not as good as the original' way, most were at best ambiguous. But I quite liked this review from fyzixphrog that I found.

In a geek TV kind of way I was interested in what she was saying about never watching a channel below number 60 on the EPG. The UK networks still have some pretty good and much talked about programmes (especially Channel 4) but it's so clear that these channels are moving further and further towards junk, heavily signposted, easy to follow even if you're not listening to the dialogue type shows. Especially ITV and BBC1. But, here I am, eagerly anticipating the new version of Doctor Who about to air on BBC1 ... so it's not always true. The networks, though, seem to have less and less that interests me.

I NEED SKY PLUS! (that's like TiVo if you're not British). Someone bring me Sky Plus! Please won't someone bring me ...

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