Saturday, March 05, 2005

Oral sex leads to pregnancy

Well well well ...

You may not be finding the Jackson trial interesting enough, so here's a more intriguing conundrum for you.

Men. If you had oral sex with a woman and she then took the sperm from her mouth and impregnated herself with it. Well. a) How would you feel? and b) Would you consider yourself a willing father to the resultant child and hence liable for 'damages' and child maintenance costs? And that's before we get into the headfuck of emotions you might feel towards a child you have made and who is your flesh and blood.

Is it sperm theft? Fraud? Or is it an understandable and legitimate set of circumstances being as you donated the sperm and didn't ask for it to be returned? A gift that your erstwhile partner could do anything with that she chose?

This has been what a court in Illinois has been deliberating recently in an appeal against an original paternity suit, initiated by the mother, that ruled the father of the baby was liable for an 800 dollar payout every month.

(I hope I'm not sounding like Nick Ferari or a hideous right wing talk show host here cos trust me I'm really very liberal with a small and capital L)

Who needs fiction writers, eh?


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