Sunday, March 13, 2005

Orange Sunday

I've got an issue. If I come across a fruit that is spherical, orange in colour, bobbly pitted waxy skin, citrussy smelling and tastes (I think this is the important part) of ORANGE ... well, I call it an orange! Apparently though, I am wrong.

It seems there are ways of distinguishing these things that look exactly the same and taste exactly the same.

Words like: manderin, satsuma, clementine and tangerine are used. But what is the difference between all these? They're orange, they taste of oranges, they have orange style wrappers (do we call it peel?) I don't get it.

I'm told they taste uniquely different but I'm oblivious to it.

On a quick Google search I just did, I came across another orange that is called a Wilkings? I'd never heard of one of these before. Clearly though I am not a fruitologist like everyone else appears to be these days.

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jfsouthpaw said...

I've always been a bit suspicious of people who tell me off for calling them all oranges. I've never wanted to know the difference between them and due to your blog entry, I am quite proud to be able to say, at 37, I still don't know. Cheers, Damon.