Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sci Fi Saturday

I think I over-focus. I'm thinking about Doctor Who night tonight on BBC Two and I don't appear to be able to do anything else. I watched the excellent 'Unification' double episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation earlier so it has become a bit of a sci fi kind of day. Also watched an episode of Voyager and have bought series 6 of The Tomorrow People on DVD from Amazon about 10 minutes ago.

Saturdays are the new Sundays. Lazy slobbing around watching TV days. The first full free day after the working week and to me it's all about resting. In olden days, before the Sunday trading laws were loosened up, we all had to get up on Saturday morning and use Saturday to its fullest, going shopping, getting out, because Sunday was utterly dead. Sundays back then meant that pubs were open for two hours at lunchtime and, well, church and the odd DIY shop were also options.

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