Monday, March 07, 2005

Things wot I have done

It's like I've done quite a few things this last week. Last Tuesday I went to the Science Museum's Dana Centre with Sara and listened to a presentation all about Nanotechnology. It was OK but rather waffly and not very enlightening. Someone else was talking about the nanotechnology evening on their blog the other day.

On Saturday I watched Bridget Jones 2: Edge of reason.

On Sunday I went to Fifteen restaurant. You know, the Jamie Oliver one where he took delinquents off the streets and turned them into chefs or something. Tasty food but I came away not all that full ... and a deal poorer in terms of money, that is. Watched The Truman Show on Sunday evening too.

Tonight I saw The Village on DVD. Interesting film by that fellow M Knight Shangalang or however it's spelt. No idea. Audio described movies don't spell out the name of the director ... though I suspect his name looks more Asian than Bay City Rollers.

I'm writing all this down in a hurry in case I don't get an opportunity to write more about what I've done this last week. Though the blog is bound to be full of deep and meaningful insights into my life ... I guess at some stage it might be quite nice to look over it, when I'm older, and remember what I was doing.

I had things to say about oranges too ... but there's no time.

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