Sunday, April 03, 2005


Ya know there's all these reports out about how TB is back in full force? Retro diseases coming to get you in the 21st century? Well, I'm still pretty much reeling from the idea that I have been diagnosed as having gout.

It sounds like one of those hideous old man diseases. When I think of it, I imagine rotten skin, open seeping ulcers and sores - but it's nothing like that. It's more akin to arthritis in a lot of ways, it makes your joints swell up badly, get very hot and red.

Reason for gout? - too much urea in the bloodstream. Often caused by over-indulging. Previously considered a rich man's disease, the disease of someone who drinks port. Ick, port.

I got an attack of it (again) Friday morning when I woke. It totally floors you. It gets me in the foot or knee. For two whole days I just couldn't walk! I started using my new office chair as a wheelchair round the house which was interesting but it did rather ruck the carpets up.

Gout = excrutiating agony. if anyone ever tells you they've got it, don't laugh and call them a premature pensioner, just hand over any codine or painkillers you might have immediately.

Totally screwed my weekend. What a flipping waste. I've been asleep half the time because of the codine and anti-inflamatories. I've woken this morning and am a little more mobile.

Who on earth would want to read this blog entry? I've stopped.


Alice said...

Isn't it odd how you really can't explain to someone how badly something hurts? Like migraines, for example. My first ex-husband could not comprehend that I felt like I could hear my hair grow when I had a three or four day episode. He swore he had never had any sort of headache. I think it was because he had no brains.

My second ex-husband has gout, so I have seen secondhand how it can affect a person. He was cautioned to cut back on tomatoes, one of his favourite things, when these attacks occurred. Hope yours stays gone.

Damon said...

I get migraines too ... thanks to some drugs that rather screwed my head up about 4 years ago. Migraines kill. They are NOT headaches. They are full-on bodyshock exxperiences. I've got one coming on htis morning actually, it has started in my stomach. Whaddya know I get stomach migraines these days too ... I was staggered to hear that they don't just happen in your head. I ate chocolate last night, that's what did it!

And I hear this week that gout actually is classed as arthritis ... but also that cherries are very good. I should, apparently, eat cherries every day.

Gout: agony, pure agony. I await with delight the day when I get gout and a migraine on the same day ;)

I'm getting all medical. No more whinging any more. Gotta love pain.

Alice said...

Only good thing about pain is that it proves you aren't dead yet. Heh.