Saturday, September 16, 2006

They put Smarties on top

Cakes. When I was a kid. Little cup cakes. They put Smarties on top.

I hate smarties. There's an unsatisfyingly small amount of chocolate in them, there's too much sugar coating, they're shiny, they stick in your teeth, they're too sweet, they make me go sugar ballistic afterwards, they're the epitimy of shite ... even though the current media spin from them is about 'new healthier Smarties with all natural colourings' where blue Smarties had to die because they couldn't find a natural alternative for blue.

Party cakes with Smarties on must die, though. And exactly who likes Iced Gems? I cannot, for the life of me, work out what is in the least bit tasty or attractive about tiny weeny biscuits with big dollops of dry 'orid icing on them. They truly are abhorrent. Colourfully mouth-hurtingly sugary-sculpturingly abhorrent.

Looking forward to seeing the return of Jamie Oliver's School Dinners this Monday, Channel 4, 9pm.


BloggingMone said...

Great post, I totally agree. Nevertheless smarties seem to be very popular. What most annoys me is that the chocolate inside is the cheapest low quality chocolate on earth and they really think they can get away with that and no one will notice. Yak!!!
I can't wait to see what's next at Jamies school dinner. It will take ages before it will be shown on German TV. Couldn't you post something on that issue and keep me updated that way?

Katie said...

I always thought the blue Smarties were nice, but I know they are not to everyone's taste!

I used to have iced gems when I was little and quite liked them but my sister LOu always thought that they were silly just putting the tinest blob of icing on a tiny biscuit.

I think Jamie's School Dinners is a great show, and I agree with you on that point Damon.

I used to have horrible school dinners, and I bet if Jamie was doing his school dinner show in our old primary school, where I went he would be appalled!

This is what we had to eat and why my appetite went downhill as a child.

Spam fritters,watery cabbage,Cheese Flan, and Semolina! Yuk! I hated that and I was forced by the fat dinner boss, to eat a doughnut and she sat with me when all the other kids had gone, to make sure I ate it, and I was nearly feeling sick!

Diddums said...

I confess I quite like Smarties - we use them on our Christmas cakes. The cakes are arranged in the shape of a star with a hollow in the middle, and the Smarties are piled in the hollow and used on the icing as decoration, along with snowmen, penguins, fir trees and little snowed-on houses.

It's Christmas cake I don't like - I don't like the icing and I don't like the fruit-cake, and I don't believe the two really go together. It's much easier just to nibble a few Smarties and then I can feel I've joined in the Christmas cake ritual with everybody else!

jfsouthpaw said...

Am now on a Smartie boycott since I heard they are not going to make them here any more - so loads more jobs lost in Blighty. Even if they are made of cheap chocolate in nasty casings, and maybe the jobs lost weren't so great either. Don't know. Didn't but them before, now I have another reason. Terrys' (of the oranges) is also being shipped abroad. That's going to be harder to boycott because i like them.

Diddums said...

I'll tell you what I've gone off, and that's Maltesers - they've been tasting much too sweet, lately.