Thursday, September 14, 2006

9/11 outcome

What has been the outcome of all this 9/11 coverage on TV this week? Clearly the images and chatter were extremely seductive to me because I've purchased a ticket to New York, and will be flying there in February.

Bargain, kidz. Check out Travel Supermarket. The best cheapest 'scraper' website, as they call them.I got a ticket to New York for 170 quid, which includes all airport taxes etc. There's been a price war going on between Continental and Delta, it seems, or so Money Saving Expert told me at the end of last week. Great website! If you're in the UK, go there, sign up to its newsletter, tell all your friends.

Am I warped?


Katie said...

Hi Damon!

I don't think you are warped at all. I think all the rememberance of 9/11 has just made you compassionate to visit New York, and wow, hope you have a great time out there.

I would love to go too, and visit New York and am very surprised at how cheap you said it was on that website.

Best Wishes, Hope things are ok with you, and keep on feeling compassionate about New York,

Katie xxx

BloggingMone said...

Thanks for the link to travel supermarket. I just checked and found out that if I book the cheapest possible flight from Hamburg to London and then book a flight at travel supermarket, it would still be a lot dcheaper than anything I can book in Germany. It's a strange world, but I suppose these are the side effects of globalisation.