Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My 9/11 part 5

Funny ol' day yesterday, barely worth recording in some ways. A small list of small bad events that served to annoy and hinder rather than do any great harm. I still refer to it as my 9/11 though.

Lets run through it then:

* smashed head very hard on door on the way out in a bad act of malcoordination when bending down to pick up my mobile phone I dropped while rushing to get out of the house. Really hurt. Big glancing blow leaving me with a small bruise that somehow doesn't justify the pain and later effects.

* Had to take Liam to the vet to have his second in a series of tests to see what's up with him - liver we suspect. (liam = guide dog)

* At work, my computer failed to even boot up. I can't just move across to any other computer cos I have screenreader and Braille display hooked up to mine ... so sat there for almost two and a half hours while IT got their act together.

* Kristina called. She was on her way home in a cab. She'd stood on an object in the middle of her office floor and damaged her twice-broken ankle. A big twist. She was taking work home so she could 'put her foot up' while tapping on her laptop.

* At 2:15 or thereabouts I got a cab home so I could at least work on my home computer.

By this time I was feeling worse though. That bang on the head had rocked me quite a lot. So by about 5:30 I found myself lying on the sofa feeling really quite woozy and sick with it all. Mentioned it to my dad later who talked about concussion. Surely not? I think it probably just triggered off a migraine. I get those. Dreadful.

So there you go. That was my trivial 9/11 - well trivial, that is, if I haven't sustained long-term brain damage as a result of that bang.

I fear I've lost a fair bit of data on my work computer as it seems my hard disk died. At least I can attribute this to 9/11

And just one more thing to rub the ./11-ness of yesterday in ...

Kristina's sister gave birth to her secondborn, who, as yet, has no name. Actually she gave birth on September 10. Steph was really quite pleased about this because her firstborn (Isobel) celebrates her birthday on July 7 ... would've been a bit rough if her new little brother was a 9/11 baby. The terror twins? Bad omen averted.


BloggingMone said...

Good to see you back after quite a while. Hope your head is OK again. I am collecting tricks and ideas on how to keep migraine at bay. I haven't yet found anything that would do the miracle, so please let me know if you have.
I suppose everyone will forever remember where they have been and what they have done on 9/11 in 2001. Yesterday G.W. Bush's face appeared a bit too often on the TV screen for my taste.

Katie said...

Cor! Sorry to hear about all the bad things that happened there Damon, and hope you have recovered slightly from your bad migraine pain.

Hope they find out what is wrong with Liam and that will eventaully put your mind at rest as he is a lovely doggie pal and sweet too.

Oh well they say things come in threes, but from the sound of it,things have happened more than three times to you! Eeek!

Hope you have a better week next week and things go well for you for the rest of this week Damon,

Best wishes, as always,

Katie x