Sunday, September 24, 2006


Bit guilty writing this post because Kristina is in the kitchen chopping veg for tonight's delicious meal ... whereas I've been sitting here on the net Googling for the Flaming Lips - a band we're going to see in concert in November.

Saw Memoirs of a Geisha on DVD today. It's one of those classic occasions where, of course, the book was much better than the film. The book is complex and about emotions as well as an amazing insight into the customs of the geisha, the film is really just a toe in the water ... but I understand it's visually fascinating which I miss out on being unvisioned as I am (trying to dodge cliches and make up my own PC terms today. OK, blind).

We're about to watch Derailed. I have no idea what it's about. But Derailed, and also Geisha, have audio description on them - hence they figured high on our choosing list. The Memoirs of a Geisha DVD confused us though because, instead of having the phrase 'audio description' on the box like every good logical DVD supplied should do ... they used the term 'audio commentary'. we almost didn't bother hiring it from Blockbuster until the fella behind the counter said we could bring it back if it didn't have AD. It did. Oh and BTW, the DVD playe player in the store was broken else we'd have got him to check it out.

Other notable interesting things of the week ... I got a webcam, so did my mum and dad. So, since Thursday, we've had a visual connection on the web. Must be nice for them to see their son; their son who hasn't bothered popping down to see them since Christmas.

Lastly ... got a good response about my insomnia post, innit. Nice one. Maybe others would be interested in this subject and maybe it's more of a disability thing than just a blind thing? Perhaps we should delve into it on Ouch. Thanks for being my testing ground - utterly unintentional though. Guess it is quite interesting.



Katie said...

Hi Damon! Hope you and Kristins enjoyed your Sunday and hope the film was a good one. I think it should be made clear if a film has audio commentary or not as I suppose it helps a great deal.

I love the idea of your new webcam too, was thinking of getting one for myself, are they useful? Do you need any special software to install it?

Glad you liked all our comments on the insomnia post, I suppose it is very interesting and I never knew that it can be a VI thing too. Thanks for the intersting fact Damon, you know a lot of stuff that I never knew! I don't know about me training to be a life coach but I think you know more than me about certain stuff to with disability!

You could teach me more than I never knew!

Have a great week, Damon,

All the best, always!

Katie xx

Katie said...

Sorry Damon, Just realised I had a spelling mistake on Kristina's name! My hand must have slipped as normal! EEK! Sorry!

BloggingMone said...

I once brought home a stack of DVDs featuring "audio commentary" for a nice crisps-beer-and-movie-night with blind friends only to find out that audio commentary means, someone is explaining why the lightning is as it is, how and why they created a certain atmosphere, how the rat was trained to climb into the soup bowl and that like. Did you ever listen to a commentary? It's absolutely useless. I later found out that in Germany only about 30 DVDs actually have an audio description. How boring is that?
BTW, I told my friend about the 30 hrs body clock. He was very impressed and is now waiting for people to ask the most unlikely question on whether.....

Julia! said...

Do you use Skype at all? Not only is it free but it has audio and video devices so that you can have a conversation with your parents at the same time. I find it really useful because my boyfriend is back home in England and it would be too expensive to phone him up normally. Your parents might like it.

Also, here's a news item for the site, about deaf Gallaudet University students barricading themselves in a school building to protest having a president who they believe is too "mainstreamed" in the hearing world and isn't fluent in sign language:

Damon said...

Julia, my webcam has a mic built in so you can talk too using Windows Live Mesenger. Pics alone would be pretty useless for me innit ;) Yeah I do have Skype too actually: damonrose is my name on there I think. Oh and it's my name in real life too! How funny.