Monday, September 18, 2006

Decaffeinated my arse

At the top of this blog - well today anyway - it says something about me being a Decaffeinated Londoner. I wrote that when I was on a minor health kick. It seems I'm on even more of a minor health kick at the moment, though.

Bought an exercise cycle recently. Broke it yesterday. At least it shows I'm using it though and it hasn't become a coathanger. Bloody pedal fell off. Scared of trying to fix it now. Took long enough to put together out of the box from Argos in the first place. Kristina can do it.

Back to the caffeine.

It's like I can't throw enough coffee down the back of my throat at the moment. It's like, if I weren't such a good boy, I'd be onto the harder stuff by now. I feel I need it at the moment. Lots of little things swimming around in my head, lots of bitty things at work - coffee is the glue, coffee keeps me sane and going.

I wrote a column on Friday. Have since binned that column. It was utter crap. I can only imagine I didn't drink enough coffee that day and my colleagues didn't leave their desks enough, saying: "I'm going downstairs. Is there anything anyone wants from the canteen or wherever?"

I was quite impressed that I sank two coffees before 10am today.

Coffee = life glue. It keeps you together. It hardens your arteries, supposedly, but god it's the stuff of life.

Have lost interest in alcohol lately. Anyone know why?


Kev said...

Coffee is definitely life glue. I don't function all that well without it. I have to have a coffee if I am going to write (anything at, emails, letters, comments (takes a gulp of coffee before continuing)).

As for alcohol...I don't know why you have lost interest, but I gave up alcohol for Lent (I don't believe in Lent, I think I was just after a bit of figurative self flagellation, but hey ho). Lent was horrible. Really really hard. But since then? I can't really be arsed with alcohol, all that much.

Which is worse for you, I wonder, coffee or alcohol?

BloggingMone said...

True. Coffee = life glue.
If you worry about the caffeine. When a friend of mine wrote her final theses to become a psychologist, she tested the effects of caffein and found out that the positive effects of caffein also showed when there was no coffein in the coffee, but people just believed it was there. Tell your friends to bring a decaffeinated coffee from the canteen once in while without telling you. Chances are good that you won't notice and still feel inspired.
Well, I would not worry a bout a lack of interest in alcohol. Doesn't sound very alarming!

Katie said...

True, Coffee can be a sort of life glue. I think it helps you start the day and keeps you going and wakes you up.

I do have another alternative to your thoughts swimming around in your head and that is to wriute down the things that are in there, and if you think of one thing each day you will get all the things done that you have written down, or write a list and on one side put the positives and then the negatives down and look back on it and ssay to yourself the positive things are better than the negatives.

If you look at the list each time you will think to yourself how good the positives weigh up the bad things.

I think the reason why you havent had so much alcohol recently is the fact that drinking the coffee has made you drink more because of the appeal of it.

It's only an educated guess though?

I think it's the caffeine inside it, that makes you want more. They do say not to have more thann 6 cups a day of tea or coffee as that can affect you badly.

Damon said...

Mone: I do drink decaf every day too. And yeah, it's also just the bitter taste and the hot hot heat of the drink that works for me ... perhaps not entirely about the caffeine.

Kev: Maybe it's something to do with my age, 35, but when I go to the pub with mates these days, a fair old percentage of them won't even think about drinking anything stronger than orange juice, lime and soda or Diet Coke. Alcohol makes you feel crap. It just does! I have to be really in the right frame of mind for the stuff these days.

Katie: are you training to be a life coach? :)

Much love