Friday, September 15, 2006

I blame myself, really

Is it just me or do you get a severe sense of guilt and paranoia when stories like this appear:

bad environment story

If I read them at work, I get the distinct feeling that everyone is looking at me and blaming me for the melting of the polar ice caps.

OK. I've got a dishwasher. But this fella from Thames Water on LBC a few weeks ago said that, actually, if you've got a modern dishwasher, and you fill it full, it uses less water than manually washing your dishes in the kitchen sink.

I'm getting my environmental messages mixed up because, although it's part and parcel of the massive '4 years or you're fucked' environmental disaster we're all about to face e, the lack of water is down to global warming because of people using their dishwashers, flying to New York from London and leaving their computers on all the time so they can just dip in and consult google at a second's notice.

I'm sitting here at work after having spent half the day, on and off, trying to write my latest column which went a bit haywire but I think I'm taming it now. It's gone 7pm though and my cab firm has let me down badly. I should be enjoying my time off now, shouldn't I?


I've got tickets to see The Flaming Lips and you haven't so ner.

Tried to get tickets to see The Killers when they went on sale today but sadly the Ticketmaster website is inaccessible due to those captcha graphic things - type what you see in this graphic". I've got a good mind to sue the fuckers because, during ticket rushes, their websites are just inaccessible to some disabled people: blind or with motor function or cognitive stuff, as the time limits they put in place are clearly not achievable for many peple.

Is it going too far to say I'd like to see the head of Ticketmaster on a pole with blood and brain tissue flowing out of the bottom of it? Proffit greedy fucker.

I believe I now have to write 'these views are not those of the BBC' on my blog due to recent new workplace rules. No. Can't imagine Director General Mark Thompson standing up and endorsing the bit about brain tissue ... certainly good to clarify this though, I'm sure all readers were wondering if I were speaking for the organisation here.

Bless em though, I appreciate the basic idea behind the blog edict and they do pay my mortgage ... x x x


Katie said...

Damon, It sounds from this blog post like you have a lot of issues in your mind. I am surprised by all of them I must say!

The thing to do is to sort them out one by one in your head and then concentrate on that thing.

It also sounds like you are tired too, what with staying in work until 7pm, when you should have had a rest, That normall can lead you to have lots of things going on inyour mind, you need to rest Damon, and then you will feel more brighter and sort things out more clearly.

I do feel that the Ticketmaster website should have been more accessible though , thats very bad customer service and they should learn ways of perfecting their website for disabled people and visually impaired people to use. You have a point on that score and totally agree.

But saying what you would do to the boss of Ticketmaster is a bit too far! LOL!

As for the bit about writing on the bottom of this blog that the views are not purely of the BBC, and Mark Thompson endorsing it, do you think thats what you have to do, or is it compulsory that you do. Aren't you just making a mountain out of a mole hill with sau=ying that about the Beeb?

I'mnot judging your views or disagreeing here just caring in my own way and seeing your side of the story. Apologies for the long essay too!

Julia! said...

Hey Damon, are you going to be in New York soon? Or was your last post in regard to the Travel Supermarket in reference to a past holiday?

Unfortunately my little pet budgie who helped me through some of the worst days of my OCD just died. But I'm glad you enjoyed Avenue Q. My mad-ish uncle works backstage at the New York production. I get to go backstage whenever I go to visit him - would you believe that some of the puppets cost over $1500 each?

Julia! said...

Oh, stupid me, I now see that you'll be in New York come February. Hopefully we can meet up at some time? Where do you plan to stay? I am living on the Upper West Side near my university right now and applying for grants so that I can do some research in Glasgow for a P.H.D. Odds of getting it are extremely low but it's worth a shot. So I may be leaving New York very soon indeed.

As for 9/11, I knew that watching any news coverage would trigger my OCD so I kept the TV and radio shut off the entire day. Instead, I volunteered to read the names of the dead for half an hour in the middle of my university campus. I dunno if you've gone to films like "United 93" or "World Trade Centre" but I have absolutely no intention of doing so because I know all they would do is drive me even more mental. When I went to work over the summer I'd go by the big hole in the ground all the can really do your head in to live in New York and constantly be reminded of what happened. My mother still can't fully believe it and she's a native New Yorker who watched the towers being built. Perhaps we'll never get over it.

Damon said...

Allo. Yes New York, next February. We'll have to arrange to meet up! Where will I be ... not far from the United Nations area. Where's that, um, second avenue or something? Does 2nd have a name? Always get confused in NYC cos some avenue have names and some numbers (Lexington?).

Haven't seen any of those movies. Did see Fahrenheit 9/11 though - more of a Bush dethroning film than an OCD-inducing one I'd have thought.


Damon said...

Katie sweetheart. It wasn't meant. I don't really want to do unspekably violent things to CEOs ... even if I'm going a bit mental system survivor at the moment!

Much love.

Julia! said...

Fahrenheit 9/11 was great. My brother and I saw it on Independence Day a couple years ago. Very appropriate.

Yep, the U.N. is on 42nd Street at 1st or 2nd Avenue. If you're going east from Fifth Avenue, which is the zero mark for street numbers, here's the order: Fifth, Madison, Park, Lexington, Third, Second, First. It gets even weirder on the West Side, where I live, because above 60th Street the numbered avenues get names - like Tenth Avenue becomes Amsterdam Avenue, Ninth becomes Columbus, Eighth becomes Central Park West.

Anyway, cool. Are you doing something at the United Nations?

Damon said...

Allo. Much as I'd like to believe the UN needs me, much as I'd like to think of myself as important on a global scale ... I am pleased to report that a) my narcysism doesn't stretch to those lengths and b) the UN is happy to carry on doing next-to-nothing very slowly without me. (don't want the UN to die though, big fan of the concept)

Julia! said...

Actually, right now Bush is nattering on to the UN General Assembly. It's on the radio and all that. Ever played President Bush Bingo? Or Tony Blair Bingo, at that. Instead of numbers, you put their hackneyed quotes and stereotypes in the boxes and tick them off as they speak. If you get five in a row you jump up and yell BULLSHIT and everyone has a good time. Sort of.

Damon said...

what Bushisms would go in your bingo? And, ever seen