Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sun = death

I note how many people are loving the hot weather. Really scorching hot 32 degree weather here in London today. People are sitting outside at pubs drinking and enjoying the heat ... making plans for weekends away etc.

My main thought, though, is "hell, the planet is dying".

Is that right or wrong?

Bit by bit the global warming stats are coming out. Just last week it was suggested again that we've got it wrong and the situation is almost irreversable.

sunshine = dying planet? Or sunshine=lovely summer we all deserve?


Luke said...

Yes this hot weather = a sign of global warming = dieing planet

However Sun also = wilting crip :)

I hate this hot weather...

Katie said...

The hot weather is gorgeous but I would have to reserve my judgement whether the planet is dying or not. It does however make me feel sore but am getting better from it, a nice saltwater bath is needed tonight I think as the salt helps it. It's clouded over so the night will be cooler.

Damon said...

Am I sounding too worthy today? It's like I really care about these things but, as previously discussed, am not the most enviro friendly person though better than many I'm sure.

"Won't somebody please think of the children?"

James Medhurst said...

Global warming is one of those things that has to be proved several hundred times before anyone will believe it. Sorry to be a spoilsport but I hate hot weather - especially with no air conditioning in my office.

Alice said...

I am very happy you aren't having to put up with what we are having in Arkansas right now. Jeez, it's 10:30 at night, 83 degrees F (sorry, not up on my conversions to Centigrade past knowing what freezing and boiling are). It's nearing 100F during the day, and the humidity is enough to flatten you. The haze factor alone is depressing.

I hate hot weather, because I can always put on another sweater in the winter, but I can only strip so far (and remain decent)in the heat.

Here's wishing you tall iced drinks all summer, and good air conditioning, too.