Friday, June 03, 2005

generalities on Friday

Kristina went and bought the season 3 box set of Six Feet Under today and we were gonna watch it this evening. Whaddya know, my DVD player has packed up. How pissed off am I? Didn't even realise the box set was out until today. If you've not seen SFU you've got to get it. It's a life alteringly superb show ... I'm sure you'll be able to get a series 1 box set off ebay for less than a tenner. Well worth it.

I've gone all geeky looking at DVD players online. Seen a fabulous one for 41 quid that allows you to view MPG, AVI, DIVX and all sorts of other formats that you can illegally download off the web with BitTorrent, burn to CD and then just take thru into the lounge and watch on yer TV with this little beauty of a gizmo. I can post more details here if anyone's interested ... can't be arsed to do any of that linking magic from this post today.

Amazing rainstorm this afternoon. Anyone get caught in it? It was, as Kumail from Big Brother would say: "fabulous". I got so wet ... and I really love rain ... as I was explaining to Rain in the office earlier before I realised she might think I was ripping the piss and or being faintly pornographic. "I just like being covered in rain" I said in a passionate voice. Because I do. It's accessible weather, it comes to get you. Blue skies, rainbows, fog and sun stay up in the air well away from me. There ought to be a law against it.

Oh and regarding my earlier post about reclaiming words. That was my attempt at ironic humour.

For less irony though, check out the new Sound TV channel, it's on Sky Digital #277. It's the most horrific pile of crap ever. Remember The Comedians on ITV in the 70s? It's like that, only here in the 21st century and hence scarily scary. "ere, and I'll tell you anuvva fing my muvva in law says". It's even got that bloke who used to do the Capital Gold Breakfast Show with his 'naughty boys'. Dreadful.

Oh and is Lenny Henry's so-called comedy show on BBC1 currently the very worst show ever aired on my TV set this last decade? Shouting and smiling and laughing your way thru a script doesn't make it any better if it's piss poor. And it is totally piss poor. The audience must be devoid of any self worth for laughing else 'caught in a moment' that I could never get caught in.


Katie said...

Hi Damon,
That's a shame about your DVD player! I couldn't bear not to have my DVD player, it's my favourite gizmo after my computer.
One Question for you, how do you burn things to play off the computer like tunes or any other stuff? Oh and take a look at my blog too, you might enjoy it, as Mik's on it!

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