Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chinese supermarket

Wow, wahey yip yo! Have been to a chinese supermarket this evening. It was fantastic.

The whole place really reeked of herbs and spices. The completely brilliant thing was stepping into another culture tho. So much stuff there from sources I've never heard of.

I was particularly pleased to pick up some powdered cream coconut which sounds nice and simple to add into oriental cooking. Having tins or cartons of coconut milk aren't great, they don't get fully used and just go off in my fridge. But powdered, wow, will last forever! Only cost about 30p too. Oh and a huge big freezer sack of peeled and ready garlic, frozen, just 70-something pence!

The newspapers were talking about how Ice Green Tea is the big trendy thing to drink in Japan at the moment so I bought some of that too ... it comes in a can. It's flavoured with jasmin tho so not too sure about it. Am nothing if not a fashion victim tho ... OK so buying into fashions several thousands of miles away now too.

Didn't really fancy buying the dried black moss ... couldn't work out what to do with that. BMoss on toast for breakfast?

Anyhoo, if you can get there it's called Wing Yip and the one I went to was on the Edgeware Road, well, Staples Corner really.


The Goldfish said...

Jasmine green tea is divine. You may find it tastes as you imagine green tea to taste as this is often what they serve hot in Chinese Restaurants anyhow. I find plain green tea quite foul, hot, cold or anything.

I attempted to replace my ordinary Early Grey with Earl Grey green tea to avoid the caffeine - it wasn't the caffeine I craved, I thought, but the bergamot. That's quite an interesting taste...

Anyway, green tea is supposed to prevent every disease in the known universe so even if you hate it it may be worth the endurance.

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Where have you been? Glad to hear from you,have missed you loads.
The chinese supermarket sounded great, I love eating Chinese food and would probably spend a fortune in there buying endless amounts of cool food! You don't know if they sell fortune cookies in there, do you? I love them!

Katie said...

I thought I would write another comment, on your blog. What makes you not sweet Damon? I call everyone sweetie so don't think you're not, it's my name for people!

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Thanks Damon for the info. I clicked on over to the WingYip website and although they don't ship to the states, they've posted some great recipes.

Damon said...

I tried the tea. It was, err, weird. Slightly tar-like water, like tea. Quite sikly. Not as strong in the jasmin as I'd thought which was good ... but overall just not all that pleasant and def sickly. I did have a rather nice herbal tea in a carton from Wing Yip today though ... tasted like tea and honey and nice 'herby. Green Herb Tea I think it was called.

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