Sunday, June 12, 2005

After the storm ...

Jesus! So last week I got a small bout of food poisoning and this week I get some gastric flu thing. I feel embarrassed now that I took a day off work for the food poisoning after having experienced the stay-in-bed 3 day shivvering exhaustion, etc of this gastric flu. Flu caught from a mere babe. Children always always always spread diseases. Can't stop coughing my flipping guts out now either. Know that jarred chest feeling where you need to cough but it's too painful to cough any more?

Anyhoo, I'm not one to complain (yeah right).

What have I got to say today. Well not a lot. It's a stupid hour in the morning and I can't sleep. I have, however, watched the first episode of the new series of Six Feet Under (series 5) that was broadcast in the US last Monday. Thank you to that excellent technology known as BitTorrent and my 2 meg broadband connection. Might wait til the rest hits E4 though, s'better that way and less hassle. How come I don't know anyone else that watches SFU? It's the best thing on TV ever!

I've not eaten since Wednesday. Well barely. Food hurts. Oddly I'm not missing food. Oh and oddly I'm putting on weight ... how the hell does THAT happen? I always knew there was 'another plan' for me, if you know what I mean. Like I wasn't the same as all those other human beings.


Kev said...

Ha! I have the food/weight thing in reverse. I eat all the wrong things, and far too much of most of them (anyone who has chatted with me online will know that I can't get through more than a few minutes without cake). But I cannot put on weight. And I would actually rather like to, a bit at least. Ho hum.

I loved the few episodes of SFU that I watched, by the way. I am just unutterably crap at remembering when things are on the telly. Except Doctor Who. For some reason I always remember that. Odd.

Katie said...

I eat quite a bit too like kev but I didn't know you were ill Damon. Hope you are okay though. I have been feeling ill this week too, and had bad stomach aches,with also feeling depressed and lonely today.
Do you want to cheer me up with an email Damon sweetie?

LizzieG said...

Don't you think that the weight issue is very much like the straight / curly hair issue. That is, if its curly you want straight and if its straight you want curly...Now I am overweight and would desperately like to be slim again (yeah right as if its ever gonna happen ha ha). But if I was slim again would I then be wishing to gain a few pounds?

Anyhow's sorry to hear that you have been ill Damon, when you have discovered the answer to "how the hell does THAT happen" and have established beyond reasonable doubt whether you were hatched from another planet, please let me know........ And ooohhh SFU?? Nah your right never heard of it!

Damon said...

LizzieG, stil unclear of my origins ... though a brief search into my background (my mum has been doing some family tree delving) tells me that I am apparently related to Captain Cook somehow.

Interestingly her delving also found that I have some 'black' in me! i.e. some African or caribbean genes. Cool as this would be, I just can't believe it because I'm so flipping anglo saxon white and pale that it's just stupid!

Also, Lizzie your blog doesn't show up when I click your name. Where is it? Do you have one?