Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sun Pat Peanut Butter

Do you remember the olde TV advert for Sun Pat?

The jingle sang: "Sun Pat Peanut Butter for your daily spread ..."

It kept running round my head while I was at the supermarket earlier. Damn annoying. What do they call them, 'ear worms'? Tunes you can't get off your brain.

Then I started thinking about the Ringo Starr one: "Our son Pat ... goes round in circles like a cat. Has a bat, etc etc" (I've not quite perfected the words here)

It feels quite cold this afternoon in London. Smashed a bottle of gin at the counter in the supermarket ... and whaddya know, the nice staff came and replaced it for us fre of charge!

I'm getting worryingly into my gin since New York.

I saw the Man from Tallahassee last night! Oh my God! Lost has turned a new corner. What an excellent episode. I'll talk about it more once it has been on Sky One tomorrow.

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Timmargh said...

Gin is good.

Bitter lemon is good.

Gin and bitter lemon is really good!