Wednesday, March 21, 2007

At last

For those of you keeping up with the fascinating yet fateful tale of why this blog hasn't been updated properly in a dog's age ... well we reach final stage tonight.

I have received the latest version of my screenreader, JAWS, and so Blogger is once again accessible - no thanks to the Blogger team who altered their site so that certain screenreaders were unable to use it. 290 pounds later, I can decorate the web with my meaningless blabber once again.

You must be relieved.

Tomorrow I get another disk with new voices for my screenreader which means I can evoke the lovely Karen - an aussie female voice - which I am taking a small amount of pleasure in for some reason. OK. I am in love with a speech synthesizer. I admit it.

1 comment:

eternia said...

Great to see you back! Been watching this blog for ages. LOL. And, the inaccessibility of blogger now and other sites was one of the things that prompted us to start if you want to check it out. It launched a week or so ago. In public beta, so we haven't advertised it much yet. I haven't tried Google blogs with Window-Eyes yet, which is my screen reader of choice after getting fed up with the shark. Take it easy, and post more often, man! *grin*