Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If Dragon's Den were on when I were a kid ...

When I was a lad, I used to get all fired up by TV programmes I watched.

If Blue Peter taught you how to make something, I'd be up, out of my chair, at the table, making it.

When the film 'WarGames' came on TV, I got up, went to my computer and tried to hack into something important. Didn't have a modem but that didn't stop me programming something with a password that made me feel like a technical whizz / hacker! Oooh! Ingenuity.

Superman? I drew a big Superman S thing and cut it out, put it on my TV shirt and became a superhero.

So to the present. This evening I watched Dragon's Den, got all excited as usual about starting my own business and making millions ... but what have I done about it now that I hav the tools, freedom and adult brain to make it a reality? Answer: nothing. Well OK I did sell a few old DVDs on eBay a few months ago after a particularly good episode of the business show but ... well if only it had been on when I was younger I could be a millionaire, innit.

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