Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I posted. There.

OK so I'm posting to my blog for the first time in ages. did I tell you I've been to New York? Effing cold, minus 10, snow on streets, but had a great time. Shopped like a b*stard.

I'm writing this at work. It's 7:38pm and I should ahve gone home ages ago. I believe Americans have almost caught up with our superior method of mean timeage by doing daylight saving a few weeks early. That's nice.

OK. I've now forked out 290 quid (?) for the latest version screenreader so will be back blogging again very soon.

So, for those of you who missed me (and I can't imagine there are too many) then hurrah I'll be back. Screw blogger though and their sudden decision to make their site less accessible.

I've become meaner and more unpleasant since the last time I posted. I should warn you of this. I'm fired up at the moment and scattering my hell and hatred everywhere. Perhaps.

Oh god my mum is calling my moble.


Charlesdawson said...

Not in Tiny Tim mode today eh Damon?

BloggingMone said...

Good to see you back, even though the last bit sounds quite frightening...

Damon said...

Haven't got the hang of those tags yet. They're not so accessible either. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention as I wrote. Either way ... WHAT EVER>

Damon said...

I'm getting that nice new JAWS 8 within the next few weeks so I'll be back blogging again then. Perhaps. Borat Movie was crap by the way ... tame in comparison to the tv show. I hate blandness.

Katie said...

Nice to see you back Damon! I cant do my blog anymore because when I changed my account to Google, they completely lost Personal Eye View! So I couldnt do it!

I have these sites though!

I'm using them at the moment instead and the MySpace one is a blog too, so I use that one now!

Have sorted it out though, click on my name to get my new blog people!

Katie Fraser