Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Insomnia LIVE

Welcome to Insomnia live. The 24-hour show where Damon is always the star. I got to sleep at 11:30 but woke at 4:10am today.

It's a load of fucking blind crap. I need some of that chemical stuff I was talking about the other week, maybe that'll also cure my manic depression, seizures and illogical bank heists I keep getting involved in (even though I know I shouldn't)

Quick round-up

• Have I ever mentioned I've got a bit of a thing for Sky News's Anna Jones? Everyone says she's got a "small face" but I don't think that necessarily has to stand in the way of a fruitful relationship. Anyone? Sky under-use her, she does mornings now but was great doing the analytical stuff on Sunday nights on News 24 in another life.

• North Korea may be about to test a second nuclear device ... a penis envy thing if ever I saw one

• Today's news says we're all going to be drinking treated sewage to solve the water crisis. I thought Londoners had been drinking treated sewage for donkey's years? (that's not a stupid joke, I really thought that was the case?)

• Vaughan might be moving out of hospital he told me yesterday. Good news!


Lady Bracknell said...

Good lord! Vaughan released from his hospital incarceration? Whatever next? Full equality for crips?

I'll go to the foot of our stairs (in a Northern manner).

The Editor

Katie said...

Hurrah for Vaughan.

And Lady B, when can us sticky crips ever go anywhere other than the foot of the stairs?