Thursday, January 26, 2006


Waiting for bread machine to finish making bread in order that I can eat my soup with it. New Covent Garden Co soup, I think it's tomato and orange or some variation on that theme. Fave Covent soup is Thai Chicken, though. De-licious.

still trying to lose that weight I put on at Christmas. OK, still trying to lose it whilst also going out to Ask for pizza and beer last night. Oddly I lost 2lbs though. Never understand weight, mass and mmetabolism ... though I do know you shouldn't weigh yourself every day as I do because it's confusing, deceiving, involves water retention, subcutaneous fat and other stuff that happens across days not hours.

Was discussing this at lunchtime with Laura, former assistant producer on Ouch, who dropped in. Sounds like she's getting extremely healthy and finds herself down the gym due to not having anything else to do where she lives now. A-mazing! What self control. If I had nothing else to do, I'd put the telly on.

Always on the lookout for new foodstuffs and tastes, she recommended something to me. She says I should try Alovira Tea. I think it's in the Clipper flavoured green teas range. I didn't even realise people ate alovira, I thought you rubbed it into your skin.

"What does it taste like," I asked.

She paused for a few seconds, thinking hard: "a bit like cucumber would taste if it were more interesting."

Just received a text through the post that we'll be reading in the second novel writing class on Monday. Lecturer is great, she has sent it to me ahead of time so I can scan it and have it there with me either in electronic or hard copy Braille. Or hell, both maybe. Classes will be weekly from now on.

Why the fuck do I write this blog? Oh yeah, it was to stop me from getting writers block again. Mind it's hardly surprising I got writer's block after 120 columns on Ouch. You need a break innit.

Wozza and Sara are coming over tomorrow night for a game of Trivial Pursuit. Ought to get some food in really.


Alice said...

I just got a small bread machine right after Christmas, and it's the greatest things since...well sliced bread. Makes a small loaf good for one person for two days. Great with soup, like you mention.

Do you make specialty type breads, or do you just do mixes? I've found tossing in a bit of dill is really good in most plainer breads.

Katie said...

Always wondered what those bread machine thingys are like? Are they easy to use?

My favourite bread would have to be sundried tomato bread, but can never seem to get it anywhere!

jfsouthpaw said...

I'm going to get some of that aloe vera tea, popular in lots of cosmetics, and body/bath stuffs, but have not seen it as a food ingredient before.

I like Covent Garden Thai chicken soup best too, in fact anybody's. It's like a mild version of Tom Ka Gai, that hot Thai soup.

No room for a breadmaker, but do make my own soup, as it's an easy way to eat veggies all year around and most bought soups have salt in. When I want to lose a clothes size (like now!) I cut out salt, drink water & herbal teas, and limit certain carbohydrates, like pasta, bread, potatoes, cereals, etc. to about 4 or 5 meals a week. If I don't have time for a swim or the gym, I just get busy. (Meaning I do things more quickly, more energetically. And the other meaning too, on a good day.)

Have a great weekend.

Katie said...

My favourite soup is Sainsbury's Bloody Mary soup. It's got vodka in it, and everything.

Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell is the proud owner of both the Covent Garden Soup recipe books.

She realises they are unlikely to be available in alternate formats (indeed they are barely accessible even to those with good eyesight: black handwriting on a dark red background is hard going).

Out of the goodness of her heart, therefore, (and not at all in a breach of copywrite kind of way) she is willing to type up the recipe for Thai Chicken soup and email it to Mr Rose, should he so wish.

jfsouthpaw said...

Nice heathy snack for you....Strawberries, blackberries, grapes & other fruit with melted plain chocolate poured over. Not original, I know, but very nice.The grapes are best.

Also like chopped roasted veg (fennel, sweet potatoes, parsnips, leeks, red onion, red peppers, etc.) mixed with quinoa (best cooked in a veggie stock).