Saturday, January 14, 2006

Michael Barrymore

Yes, he's in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Yes, he's clearly not quite so sharp as he once was. If you were expecting me to take a disability angle on this (after all, that's what I find myself doing about most things) you'll be disappointed.

The thing on my mind today is ...

Why did they change the name of Michael's show from Strike it lucky to Strike it rich.

I have my own pet theory about this, they surround the fact that it was on the low rent channel ITV and (crucially) that around that time, Michael's sexuality was in the newspapers a lot. I think the marketing bods at ITV felt that Strike it lucky (go out on the town tonight, see if you can't strike it lucky) had sexual connotations. So they decided to warp the well known phrase by adding the word Rich at the end instead of Lucky.

Here ends my pet theory ... I commend it to the world.


Katie said...

Hi Damon, Glad to see you back here on the blogosphere, Happy New year to you!

I think they changed the name to Rich at the End because they thought that contestants could win lots of money, nut like your theory of them changing it because of sexual connotations, I thought that too, when I watched it as i liked Micheal Barrymore and thought he was a good performer.

Katie said...

Sorry for my speling mistake though at the end! Arrgh!

BloggingMone said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't he the actor who moved away to Canada or Australia, because someone was found dead in his pool and he could'nt give a convincing explaination for that?

Julia! said...

I figure it might be because "rich" is shorter than "lucky" and therefore might sound more catchy? Maybe this is an Americanism but we do use the phrase "strike it rich" quite often, but I've never heard anyone say "strike it lucky."