Monday, January 23, 2006

Power out

Massive power outage at the BBC in West London today. Everyone was sent home after a couple of hours of no light, no heating, no aircon, no computers, etc.

"Go home and listen to Radio Kent to see when the haeting is back on," they said. Oh no hang on, that's what they said at my primary school when it started snowing.

Anyway, we're all waiting with baited breath to see if the power will be back tomorrow or whether we can carry on having snowball fights at home. Wait, getting confused again, may have to work from home tomorrow (12 foot drifts they're saying).

Will we get our Chinese disability graphic done by Thursday if it keeps not snowing? Tha'ts the big question. Great new column starting from Beijing on Ouch from Thursday, basically. Look out for it if you read the site.

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Katie said...

Sorry to hear about the power disappearing from White City Damon! Must have been really annoying when you were trying to work and then you all got sent home. Hope they sort it out for all of you employees tommorrow.

I have a interesting pitch for you about writing an article for you and Ouch. Details when I call. Hope that is ok with you.