Thursday, January 26, 2006

Healthy snack: baked olives

Am really into baking olives at the moment. Anyone do this? Just get a jar of pitted green olives, get a ceramic oven dish/tray, put loads on and put it on for about 20 or 30 minutes (check them while cooking) at approx 180 degrees.

They go crispy and the flavour is really salty-intense. Extremely low fat snack to go with yer Lite Beer or to just snarf in front of the TV. Weightwatchers state that 10 olives are only half a weightwatchers point. Nothing! You could eat a whole jar load per session.

Go on, I know you want to try it.


Katie said...

Hi Damon!

Hope you're well!

Love the sound of this snack, must try it some time!
I like olives anyway so that sounds good! I suppose it can be made with black ones too, I hope?

BloggingMone said...

I am a huge fan of olives, husband had a night out and my favourite programme on telly was on. I just had to have a try! The taste was salty intense - fine. But how do you manage to get them crispy? They shrink, get wrinkles and feel like old chewing gum when you eat them. Weren't bad though, but I am sure there is room for improvement...
What have I done wrong??

circus girl swirl said...

Was that 180 celsius, or fahrenheit?
...and how can I not want a giant cheeseball with those olives? said...

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