Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No Christmas yet

Can't think about Christmas or anything like that til we get our Xmas podcast out of the way and until I'm in Austria. Hurrah my holiday starts in Austria in just a few short days ... but so much to fit in before then. Will it all get done? I hope so.

I daren't go into the amount of effort, phonebashing and unforseen issues around making this podcast happen. It's put us back several days. Suffice to say, I'll be looking forward to meeting the 15-20 or so fire risks that we've invited along to the 'cast Thursday. Can't you just all learn to walk or something? How hard is it? Mik Scarlet is giving it his best shot after all on TV this Thursday at 7pm isn't he? What a role model!

Special guests at the podcast will be Mr Bennet the caretaker from Take Hart, Vicky Liquorice from Saturday Superstore and the man who wrote the Nationwide theme tune ... the early 80s one not the one everyone knows.

Great stuff!


BloggingMone said...

I am looking foreward to the new podcast. enjoy your time in Austria (good chance to brush up your German, by the way...). Austria is a particulary good place to go this year. They have enough mountains over there to at least find some snow even though temperatures are almost tropical. And great Christmas markets, too.

BloggingMone said...

A friend of mine just mailed the address of this blind technical wizard to me. He has lots of information on his blog about accessability in general and also about bugs in different programmes and updates that may have a bad influence on screenreaders, braille lines, etc. Maybe he knows more about the blogger problem.

BloggingMone said...

Me again...sorry, I replied to the wrong post. This should have been a comment to the previous one.

Katie said...

Am really loooking forward to going to the podcast Damon! Yes, I know Mik's documentary is on the same night, but yu can't blame him for making the big decision, it must have been hard for him to make that decision without stressing about it forst!

Will show you an email I had from him tommorrow!

Katie said...

LOved the podcast! It was truly fantastic Damon! Glad that the few who went from the messageboards enjoyed it, we all said how much we enjoyed it, and we really made good friendships too! You're a star Damnon, keep on producing it and have a great Xmas with your family!

Love and best wishes,

Katie xxxx