Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jordan can't sing

Just in case you haven't seen this doing the rounds, you've got to click and experience it now! Peter Andre and Jordan singing their hit A Whole New World ... but not exactly in tune.

I think the story goes that Jordan can't really sing so they use an autotune device to make her sound good in the studio. But some naughty recording person recorded the two of them doing their duet before her voice was synthesized to sound good.

It's hilarious. And Jordan is extremely mad that it got onto YouTube ... claims it has been faked to make her look stupid. "Ahh but she's a good bizniss woman innit, gotta respeck her for that ain't ya?"


Katie said...

Eww! How sad is that?! thats rubbish! They make a fowl attempt at sining a classic song but badly!

I agree with you Damon, its only for the money that they do it!

Katie said...

Sorry a spelling mistake in that post, the word should have should have been "singing" but I spelt it wrong!

Charlesdawson said...

Ouch indeed. It's a pity you can't see the accompanying photographs as well, Damon, because they illustrate why Jordan felt may have felt impelled to have such a, er, mammary, er, assistance job done. Young Peter's poitrine reminds me of Groucho Marx's remark about Victor Mature, that he (Groucho)would never go see a movie where the male star's tits were bigger than the female's.

And since Mr Mature's co-star on that occasion was Gina Lollobrigida, you can see Mr Mature had problems.

Alice said...

Someone posted a very apt description of this song: sounds like two strangling cats. I'd never heard of these two before, and after that, hope I never hear them again. Absolute torture (didn't make it through the whole video). Must say that it was rather funny, accompanied by the equally awful slide show of Miss Plastic Boobies. Thanks for the laugh!

And thank you again for making my holiday brighter by helping get my website up and running. It seems that the braille tshirts have made a hit this Christmas! Cheers!

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Erin said...

Holy crap! I remember the "a whole nude world" us kids used to sing, and it didn't sound as bad as this.
The little woo hoo at the end sent me over the top!
Erin O.

Erin said...
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