Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More user generated TV stuff

OK. Remember a few weeks ago I was banging on about user generated content and the fact that disability TV - as we'd want it - will never ever be commissioned by mainstream now? Mainstream was always an obstacle but now the nature of television is changing bit by bit so that the 'mainstream' broadcasters are no longer the "owners of the means of production" as someone once put it.

I'll do another round-up of happenings that show TV is dying and user generated content TV is on the rise, soon.

Today though I saw this in the MediaGuardian by Jemima Kiss:

YourKindaTV takes web TV shows onto Sky. Basically what we have here is website yourkindatv.com - a user generated newsy website - has bought some broadcast space on Information TV which you can receive if you're a Sky customer.

They're pretty much just showcasing their web content in a half hour weekend TV slot they've bought. Information TV, it seems, is one of these broadcasters that sells its own airtime. That's how it makes cash. You can buy an hour of time on Information TV for just one thousand pounds.


Katie said...

Sounds great Damon! And it sounds as if Tv is improving all the time.

I like watching Information TV, it's a great channel, today I watched "The Mobility Roadshow" and it looked like there were some great stuff for disabled people, and even Disability Now got a mention and they talked to it's staff.

Katie said...

Channel 4 are making all their content available online, you know this? I'm v excited about that

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