Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ha Ha meet

Gosh, well, interesting afternoon. Met loads of people who fell off the Ouch messageboard and into the real world setting of bar Ha Ha in Victoria. Hello everyone who was there ... great to meet you.

WE all congregated thanks to an invite from Lady Bracknell (whose blog is far too popular for me to bother linking to here). Lady B received her MBE last Friday. Congratulations. Now for the next spiffing wheeze, i.e. to make her an actual Lady, one of them wot can sit in the House of Lords and uphold our democracy. Can you do it online these days? I figure if you can get AA car insurance online then Lordships and Ladyships can't be far off.

Spoke to everyone quite a bit except for Ouch messageboard wag Turtle who buggered off quicker than I thought she was going to. Again I'd link to Turtle's blog but I think there's a link down the side here somewhere and I'm trying to write this quickly to get in front of my TV in time for the new series of Lost later.

I didn't leave the bar until gone 7pm. Thanks to, or no thanks to, the excellent/inexcellent taxicard scheme and ComCab who are a bunch of sheisters.

The missing were missed: Marmite Boy, Fang and Becca Viola. Hopefully I'll be able to meet you all another time.

All this jibber jabber will mean very little to those who've not clicked the links to other blogs from this blog ... and to those who've never been to the Ouch messageboard before.

All really lovely people ... and one hell of an effort was taken to get us all round the same table. For those who made the most extreme efforts I salute you. Be great to meet up again.


Katie said...

Hmm.. Wish I could have been there, I would have enjoyed that!!!! Sob! Sob!

I never get invited to meets like that!!!!!!

Only to meetings though!

Charlesdawson said...

Neither do I.

Becca said...

Glad it was fun, Damon, am well pissed off that I didn't make it.

For anyone thinking of throwing a wobbly about not having been invited I reckon now's a fairly good time to point out that this is not likely to make anyone want to invite you next time. It was a private party of a group of friends who happen to mostly know each other from Ouch, not an official Ouch event.

Katie said...


Becca said...

To be clearer, Katie, what I mean is that it was a private party, Lady Bracknell's party just for her friends to celebrate her MBE. It wasn't a 'real' Ouch meet, it was a meet of people from Ouch, if that makes sense.

If someone would be so stupid as to make a fuss about not having been invited I would think that that would just about guarantee that anyone that saw them whinging would never really want that person at a party. But nobody here would be so daft, now would they?

BloggingMone said...

Glad you enjoyed meeting other OUCH message board people and fellow bloggers. It great to see the "real people" behind a blog. Years ago we had a chat room meeting here in Hamburg and it was a tremendous fun. However, I do not want anyone to missinterpret my enthusiasm for bloggers' meetings as a plea to be invited next time. Thought I should mention that...
I wouldn't make it in time anyway as I probably would have to go by RyanAir, which is even more unreliable than CombCab I dare say.

Charlesdawson said...

I guess that makes Katie and me like Groucho Marx, then. He said that he would never think of joining a club which had the bad taste to invite him in the first place.

marmiteboy said...

Shame I missed it but I been to two events in the previous two days and me old bones can't take it anymore.

I've heard it on good authority though that it was a damn good do.

Katie said...

I would like to heartily apologise for my lack of sensibility here, I shouldnt have written my bad feelings all over your blog.

Glad that Lady B's party with you was good. We should have an Ouch meet though, reckon it would be good, I know some are coming on Thurs to the Ouch podcast , but we should have a wide onewith a full range of people from the messageboards.