Thursday, November 17, 2005

weight loss blues

Haven't done so well at losing weight for some reason. So, in the last few days, I've intensified my efforts and trying my hardest to shun proteins too - a gout contributor.

As a consequence, I'm definitely going a bit nuts. Seriously. Woke up early this morning believing that there isn't much point to living ... but, course, knew it was the lack of food situation talking so didn't worry me too much. Am gonna have to investigate some decent vitamins / supplements to keep the mental wellbeing ticking over as I attempt to lose a bit of weight.

As I say, it's not as if I'm hugely overweight or anything ... so here's hoping that the further one stone I need to lose will help matters arthritis-wise. I'm not convinced it will unfortunately.

And here, ladies and gentleman, Damon displays on his blog the classic disability dilemma / internal angst. What's disability ... oh more later, cab has just arrived


circus girl swirl said...

Here's to figuring a way to take the edge off the pain.
I use salsa, as hot as I can stand it. It takes away my pain and gives me a sense of well being. It works better for me than Aleve. Not sure if it's gout friendly though. I'll have to ask my other salsa loving friend, who used to consume gallons of the stuff with me. Since moving to a nearby town, he's been diagnosed with gout. He says it comes and goes. It flared the most when he was trying the Atkins diet. He is a meat lover.
I'm not sure about tomatos and uric acid, even though I should know. A nephrology nurse commando went ballistic on me once, after watching me consume salsa, but frankly I never noticed any ill effects, and still had the well being effect. Plenty of other seemingly innocent foods have made me feel toxic in a hurry.
I will see if I can find my bookmark for the dialysis friendly food page. I'm thinking that may give a list of foods that will create less uric acid, and thereby may be helpful in diminishing gout.
Thankfully, I've managed to escape gout in the kaliedoscope of other tedious conditions thrust upon me.
I love your articulations of disability angst, especially regarding public restrooms. That's a whole other discussion though. I'll not go there now.
I'm hoping the day got better.
Speaking of food withdrawal...

Katie said...

Ha! Ha! Great post Damon, my friend!

The best vitamin supplements to take are the ones that are helpful to your bones and as you say will help your mental well being. I take two supplements like that and it reminded me of mine. I take Calcichew which is a calcium thing and cod liver oil which helps my bones. I drink lots of milk too, and eat stuff which has omega fish oils in it as that can help me, but occasionally all the bad stuff tempts my mind and body, with dire consequences!

Interal angst is something which I suffer with but doing something that interests me seems to take my mind off it. As for the classic disability dilemma.. it happens!

Katie said...

I don't eat bad stuff all the time though! Ha! Ha!

Damon said...

You laughing at me Katie? Thanks a bunch kiddo ;)

Circus Girl Swirl ... am liking the idea of salsa as a cureall. I may make some at the weekend.

Atkins diet is VERY bad for gout by all accounts. Proteins have oodles of purines which bring it on.

jfsouthpaw said...

Like Katie, I take omega 3, 6 & 9 fish oils when I remember, and Centrum Performance when I'm low. No protein in Centrum, has got iron in it, though, don't know how that is for purines.

Damon said...

Oily fish is bad news for purines as I understand it. Dammit.

jfsouthpaw said...

I keep thinking of the word 'purile' when I read 'purines'. Any connection between these words? I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but not a funny one, so I won't tax myself figuring it out.

What about mulled wine with the alcohol burnt off? That's gotta be alright.

jfsouthpaw said...

What about other oils - Avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil & other veggie oils - olive? I'm guessing nut oils will be out because nuts are high in protein.

Or you could just live on Chinese food. Yummy.

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