Tuesday, November 22, 2005

State of the cranium

You know how yearly the President of the USA does a 'state of the nation' speech? Well this is my version, the theme not being the American political economics but rather what my head is finding itself concentrating on a lot lately.

While we're on the subject of George W Bush though, two stories today have grabbed my attention.

1: According to some Downing Street notes that have suddenly come to light, it seems that Bush was keen to bomb the al-Jazeera television channel during the Iraq war (which never stopped really but ya know). The story goes that Tony Blair had to persuade him out of it!?! He didn't like how it seemed to be anti American, thought it was propaganda. Jesus he scares me.

2: On Radio 5 Live a few minutes ago I just heard a story about how the EU have been encouraging Britain to write an official letter to the US government about a few minor concerns they have. It is alleged that the US have some prison camps in one (or some) east European country. They are holding al-Qaeda suspects there and doing goodness knows what in former Russian military camps. The story was pretty unclear but presumably this will appear on the news later else it deserves a darn good Googling.

Actually I've been writing such a lot about this that I'm going to save my 'state of the cranium' blog entry til a bit later.


jfsouthpaw said...

OMG! This is really scary, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, reading that....Off to google.

BloggingMone said...

What else??!
This article is by a pisoner solidarity group:

Sorry, I still don't know how to link a page.