Friday, November 18, 2005

ate more

Ate more yesterday, makes you feel good! Fire in yer belly.

Badly had a chinese take away last night. Now, can someone explain to me wy I lost a couple of pounds this morning after having had a take away last night? How does that work? This happens often to me. Eat a massive loads of fat and the next day you've shed a significantly higher than usual amount of weight.

Cab has arrived, off to work now


Charlesdawson said...

Hi Damon

Never heard of the Atkins diet? You just been practising it. There's a lot of controversy about it healthwise; see:-

Damon said...

Definitely have heard of Atkins. Hasn't everyone? ;) Atkins is completely out of bounds for me though; Atkins diets bring on gout like no ones business.

How many times can I say gout? What an unattractive sounding condition I possess.

Charlesdawson said...

Sorry, we're at cross purposes. I'm not recommending Atkins diet, ny way; just pointing out that the principle: high protein/fat, low carb, is the basis of you losing weight immediately after a fatty Chinese.

Katie said...

Damon, my friend I wasn't laughing at you on the last post! I was laughing at me eating stuff that's bad for me sometimes! I wouldn't laugh at you about anything mate, and I'm sorry that you misinterpreted what I was saying.

Answering to your post here, you lost a couple of pounds because some Chinese food is healthy and can make you feel that way.

I hope there's no hard feelings between us. Promotion at where I work is slow but I am gradually trying to big Ouch up in a good way!

BloggingMone said...

Hi, Damon! If not eating certain things can keep the gout away or at least keep it at bay that sounds like a complete change of eating habbits rather than a diet. There is a trick to it: If you keep telling yourself that certain meat or cereals or whatever give you awful pain, your body (and mind!!) will start disliking these things. Did you ever eat anything rotten or definitly over due? Which made you really sick? After that you probably could not eat whatever it was for a while, couldn't you? Well it is the same feeling that should be planted in your brain for all kind of food which encourages gout to come back.
It is also important to see the positve aspects of the food you are allowed to eat. Try creative cooking and look whether a certain kind of cooking, like asian or Indian suits your needs and would only need little alteration. It is good to make it a new way of cooking and to replace products with others, so you do not miss anything.
I am allergic to all kind of animal fat, which does not only mean that I can't eat meat, It also goes for cheese, milkproducts, butter, cream, ice-cream...
But changing to suitable eating habbits wasn't that difficult, once I had found out a way to make it look more like a change towards something equally good rather than abstaining from something.
I must admit, however, it is a bit annoying when you travel a lot. I have just come back from Norway where it is impossible to find something to eat that does not contain butter.