Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fizzy soda drinks ...

Lilt, we have discussed, is bloody awful and taste of cheese. it's a given.

I quite like Sprite Light ... tho why they didn't call it Sprite Lite for continuity purposes I shall never never know. Never.

Dunno why I'm talking about these things as my favourite drink - and far more healthy - goes like this:

Ingredients: Some sparkling mineral water and a carton of apple juice (not from concentrate)


• Get a pint glass

• Half fill with apple juice
• top up with sparkling mineral water

... that's it.

In germany they call it an Apfel Shorla ... well that's what it sounds like, spellings could be a bit awry here. Basically it means 'Apple Spritza'.

It's delicious, it's the best way to drink apple juice, it's got vitamins in it too.


On a recent trip to my local corner shop I saw a new looking kind of drink in there. It was called 'coconut water'. I imagined fresh sparkling water with a hint of coconut ... just like when they give you coconut on the beach in Italy.

What it actually tasted like was some weirdly milky sweet drink with a vague synthetic coconut flavour to it. NEVER drink it. I think it was from the sub continent.


Julia! said...

Oh, I tried something like that recently with our surplus of carbonated Polish mineral water and mango juice. The mineral content balances it out so it's not disgustingly sweet. And with less than .006 milligrams per litre of lead in the water, it's OCD-friendly. Sort of.

On the topic of your sodas, though, I do want to ask you what the hell is with Tizer. The can says it "tastes red." Huh?

Alice said...

Much less exotic than your fave, I happen to be passionate about Dr. Pepper. (A Native Texan thing, you understand.) They are exceptionally well suited to washing down a Moon Pie.

A UK friend recently tried a Dr. Pepper at my urging, and she had to temper it with a splash of gin. I have to try that some day, Kev.

I once lived in the Northern region of the Midwest US and found myself in a heathen society that had neither Dr. Pepper nor sweetened iced tea. Heresy!

If I ever make it to the UK, I will make sure to try some of the things you guys have that we don't. Not sure that Diet Lilt will be one though.

Damon said...

Is this where I stake a claim for Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper is British! It was bought by Cadbury/Schweppes at least 10 years ago. Mmm, a lovely fizzy almondy drink? ;) Actually I used to really like it as a kid, the can looked cool and American and seemed a bit exotic at the time.

And Tizer? God do they still make that stuff? It's flipping orrible. Is that what it says on the can? Tizer flavoured Refreshers were quite nice tho. Tizer, ick. Do we export it to the states then? I'm sorry.

We used to have a refreshing peach flavoured drink called Quatro at one stage ... dunno what happened to that.

What is Moon Pie anyway? Is it like Gypsy Tart? Does it have cloudberries in it?

Julia! said...

Yeah, the Tizer can has a picture of a man with the top part of his skull open and soda being poured in, sort of. To be fair the only place I've had it is in a deli in Greenwich Village that's owned by expats from northern England.

But it gets worse! Now they make Tizer that's still red-coloured but tastes green, blue, or purple! I'm really confused.

Moon pie is a little biscuit topped with marshamllow and completely covered in chocolate. Think of a Wagon Wheel, but without the chocolate syrup filling.

Damon said...

Oh one of those? Quite small, with a biscuit base, a big dome of marsh mallow on top and all coated in choc.

we have those.

Oddly I think, though I could be wrong here, I think we call them 'teacakes'. God, I'm not right am I? Why would we call them that?

Well Tizer never used to have that picture on the front! Yikes. I am occasionally moved to get some American candy / groceries in Cyber Candy in Covent Garden. here. It's an online store, everyone.

Oddly the shop at the top of my road sells American and German candy. Why? I can buy Hershey bars, Reeces Pieces (or however you spell it).

Claim to fame: I've been to Hershey in Pennsylvania. Don't ask me why it was VERY random. And most people in Britain haven't even heard of Hershey chocolate.

Lost episode 3 has just come on ... I saw it last week. I can't be bothered to stay up to 11pm to see the next episode on E4 because I'm feeling a bit shite really. Hey ho.

Julia! said...

Yeah, chocolate teacakes seem to be just like moon pies. To be fair I haven't really eaten many. When I was little my parents had me convinced I was allergic to marshmallow.

I miss Wagon Wheels, though. I got all OCD paranoid about British foods that contain gelatin because of BSE so I haven't had them in a while. Same goes for Jelly Babies but that's probably a good thing because it just felt wrong to bite the heads off them.

Wow, that shop's site is interesting because I never imagined there would be such a demand for the stuff I get in kiosks down the subway! Just a warning, though, I wouldn't trust the candy canes they're selling in the middle of August...

And I'm sure all this talk of sugar has nothing to do with the cavities I had to get filled at the dentist today.

Alice said...

No, no, no, teacakes are NOT just like Moon Pies. Similar maybe, but I doubt "just like".

When I did the research, I was amazed to find that Moon Pies now come in fruity versions. Can't say I've tried them though.


I never associated Dr. Pepper with "almondy" either, but I'll give you points for having liked the can. The distinctive brownish-red is still the trademark colour, although the logo has changed a bit over the years. The origins of Dr. P come from Texas, and like Coca Cola, it was sold in drugstores at first at the soda fountains and claimed to "pep you up" at 10, 2 and 4 o'clock. That was part of the early logo. It still boasts a whopping amount of caffeine unless you drink the "unleaded" version I do now. Thank goodness there is a quite acceptable diet/caffeine free version that does taste remarkably like the original.

My all-time best memory of summer was having a dime to go to the local drugstore and sit at the soda fountain on the stool with a friend and drink a cherry Dr. Pepper. A huge treat.

Dr. Pepper is also one of my favourite winter drinks, heated and topped with a thin slice of lemon.

Wow, never expected to give you a dissertation on southern junk food.

Alice said...

I have just found that Moon Pie has an entry in Wikipedia, also. They are referenced to being similar to a "wagon wheel".

It also gives reference to the stock "RC Cola and a Moon Pie" phrase. I much prefer mine with Dr. Pepper.


Damon said...

Gosh all this talk about moon pies and wagon wheels makes me want to ... hurl.

I'm going on the GI diet by the way. Yeah, new fad. I need to lose a stone and a half.

Am off back to my audio book now after a night out with me pal Sara in Shepherd's Bush. Some twat walked up to me and said "ewww, a dog. Ick" referring to my guide dog. It's an expensive bar full of media types. Twats. Fucking twats. Fucking BBC twats.

Damon said...

My dad had to visit a dentist when I took him to New York a couple of years ago. Dentist was like a businessman. Ratcheting up the price every 30 seconds.

What's the candy cane summer link going on?

Last time I went to Cyber Candy in Covent Garden I bought some cinnamon flavoured tic tacs. We don't get them here. We don't get many cinnamon flavoured things here at all actually. Not surprising, they were a bit rank.

Julia! said...

I can send you a bulk load of cinnamon tic tacs or whatever American candy you want...there's this big warehouse store called Costco, don't know if you have it over there, but it's all wholesale and you can get loads of candy for cheap.

Candy cane link: click it
Looks like they're in stock, in case August is the new December.

Sadly all dentist and doctor visits here rotate around the money; there's always the question of how to pay floating around the place.

And Alice...I can't imagine hot Dr. Pepper! All I know is that hot, flat Coke is the WORST tasting drink EVER and I'm assuming Dr. Pepper would be similar!

Katie said...

Hi Damon, I am now back from my holiday! Good to see your weblog again and thanks for your email as I read it while I was out there in Majorca in some strange internet cafe.
I think fizzy drinks is a cool post!
But you should try the disgusting mix of their Coca- Cola light out in Majorca, it tasted fowl, even my Dad tried some and said the same, it was great to see a vending machine in the baggage reclaim area at Gatwick selling proper Diet Coke!!!!!
Will spaek soon, Katie

Katie said...

They're not twats, are they? I think some are , but there are nice BBC people like you and the Ouch team, and Mik Scarlet!

Mone said...

If you like mineral water and apple juice, which is called Apfelschorle in Germany, you will certainly like Weissweinschorle. Just forget about the apple juice and take a dry white wine instead. It's great!!
***End of German lesson, part 1***

Mike said...

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suzieG said...

Oh my gosh, Damon, you remember the drink quattro. The only two people that remembered that drink till now are my brother and I.
Everyone we ask thinks we are mad and dreamt it up.

I have been searching the web to find out what happened to it. It was a nice drink.

Gage said...

Hi ,I hope you don't mind if I make a comment here, but I thought my brother and I, were the only people who remembered the drink QUATTRO! I found your page by putting in 'What ever happened to the drink Quattro'in a search engine, just thught you might like to know, Gage.

J & T said...

Hello everyone, we have just had Tizer and both said 'do you remember Quattro' so I'm afraid that's 2 more people to add to list of people who remember Quattro.

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